Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bane of Thousand Ogres

Title says it all. Bane of Ogres, Thousand Ogre Slayer, Destroyer of Boulderfist. All those titles would fit my Paladin nicely after his last few days spent in Nagrand. My paladin was up to his knees in Boulderfist ogres after the deed was done. What led to all that slaughter? The Consortium. And the fact I accidentally sold 150 Obsidian Warbeads to a vendor...

You see, I was revered with Consortium from the days of Burning Crusade. I had to be in order to buy an engineering recipe they sold, that was key component if you wanted to make your own Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. But that is not why I decided to kill all the Ogres that crossed my way now.

I hit exalted with Mag'har not long ago. I did it in order to purchase all the Talbuks I could get my hands on. Sadly, once I got them, they were not as interesting as while I was trying to get them. I still continue to use Thalassian Charger as my ground mount. I got my very specific taste and that taste continually refuses to accept any other ground mount, if I can ride on any kind of Charger.

Anyway, I was set to fix the situation with the Etherals. The way that would involve the least amount of effort, was to obtain 760 obsidian war beads from the ogres populating Nagrand. To either just ask them for those war beads was not an option. To actually complete all the quests remaining in Terokkar, Blade's Edge, Netherstorm, and Nagrand was not really an option. Even though I am willing to bet that the most of the missing quests, are to a degree quests connected to Etherals.

I remembered the drop rate from the time I was collecting warbeads for Mag'har was somewhere around one on every three ogres I killed. That meant a lot of dead ogres during my quest for warbeads.

I took more tactical approach to my endeavour. I was not willing to just grind my way to exalted as fast as possible. I knew if I did it all in one go, I would end up hating Nagrand. Not only that, I did not have the time to actually do it all in one session. So, I set up a limit. I would grind each day until my bags were full. I had around sixty free slots in bags and half of those are always at the end full of netherweave cloth. The first day, I finished my grind with 190 war beads.

The harvest was good. If this was any indication, I would be done in about four days. Which was fine. It also helped that I collected a few transmog pieces for my warrior, and was about to finish Blood Knight set for my hunter. A hunter that is yet to be created. But since Blood Elves cannot be shamans, and I am not willing to give a Blood Knight set to any other race than a Blood Elf, I will level it up. Some day. But I still think Blood Knight set, should be plate, not mail.

On my next couple of days I continued to clear one single cave. The speed which these ogres respawn is astonishing. I cleared the cave, went outside and cleared the ogres in vicinity. By the time I returned into the cave, all ogres were already waiting for me to continue this slaughter for their beads. Judgement, Exorcism, auto-attack, loot. It went fast.

Every now and then, some lost adventurer would come, and try kill some ogres. If it was Alliance, I escorted them out. Politely. With my Judgement. It worked pretty well. If it was Horde, I helped them kill those twenty ogres and waved them goodbye. And then continued with my work. The only Alliance I let live, were the gatherers, those that came for ore that spawned in the cave every now and then.

As for the last day, I had an urge for theatrical. I decided, that in order to celebrate the end of my slaughter of Nagrand ogres something should be done. With that in mind, I donned one of my more neutral, not so flamboyant armor sets, put a Mag'har tabard over, and took my Gorehowl out of the bank. If until now ogres caused most troubles to Mag'har, it seemed fair that the last ogres I slay, would be in the name of Mag'har, with the legendary (epic in truth, it is a figure of speech) axe of Grom Hellscream. The Giant's Heart.

For others to understand this gesture of mine, let me just say that I never use axes on my paladin. Never. I always take two-handed swords. Maybe sometimes if it really fits with the set a polearm, or warhammer. But never axes. Ever. There are two reasons for that. The axe is not a weapon fit for either Paladin, or Blood Elf. It is too... brute.

And all that just for Consortium tabard.

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