Sunday, 27 October 2013

Curious Case of Blind Blademasters

It should be said that what will be written here will be in most a wishful thinking, and what remains pure guess work. The only thing reliable here, is that all this wishful thinking and guessing has its roots in the game. There will be speculation about future expansion, which could be as reliable as augur's divinations. You have been warned, and if you are still interested, you are welcome to continue reading.

All this writing is based upon a premise that the next expansion would once more focus on Burning Legion. And with the expansion focused on Burning Legion, comes the need for a new Hero Class. In this case a Demon Hunter. Because, how else can their rigorous training and transformation be shown in a fair manner? Their training is suffering, their sustenance bitterness. And starting a level one Demon Hunter is just wrong. It is the same as starting level one Death Knight. One does not choose to go and become a Death Knight. One was chosen to follow this path.

Now, what do in all this talk of Demon Hunters have Blademasters patrolling Orgrimmar in Siege of Orgrimmar. Well for one, Blademasters were not blind before Siege of Orgrimmar. And in most part, they did not sport tattoos all over their body either. A habit not seen before Siege. There are numerous Blademasters among the ranks of the Horde, yet only Blademasters seen tattooed are those blind in Siege, Ishi, and Garrosh. Truth be told, Garrosh is not a blademaster, but we will return to him later.

And you can say they are highly skilled, but the amount of damage they are capable of dealing even without their sight is concerning at least. Those blind Blademasters are not stumbling around or trying to help themselves find a way. They are fully aware of everything and everyone around them. And with the lack of sight, that is hard to imagine.

It is true that Blademasters were always one of the most elite Horde warriors. But most of those warriors had sight, and they were formidable because of their prowess in battle and skill with blade. And according to lore, most of the Blademasters originating from Burning Blade clan swore an oath to rid the orcs of demonic influence once and for all, after their clan fell apart and they joined Thrall's Horde.

Let us take a look at the similarities between the two classes then. They both have love for blades. They both love to fight demons. They both hate demons. And as of late, they are both heavily tattooed and blind. The values of two classes appear similar as well, both being expert of stealth and guile while still valuing personal honor above all. Although I think, when it comes to orcs in general and Demon Hunters, it is not honor, but instead valour.

We know that in order for Demon Hunter to gain his powers, he must first capture a demon whose essence he can absorb. And all of a sudden, we have some captured demons in the Cleft of Shadow. What are these demons doing in Orgrimmar? Garrosh hates demons. Garrosh hates warlocks. He even goes as far as hanging them on every tree in Orgrimmar when Siege takes place. If you did quests in Ashenvale, you will remember how Garrosh was ready to kill you because you only consorted with a warlock, even though you did not know he was a demon in truth. You were sent to kill Durak if you wanted to survive.

Now, we were lucky enough that Durak turned out to be a demon. Thus our conscience had some peace, and could justify why we killed him. But what if Durak was just a warlock trying to ensure the victory of the Horde. The situation in Splintertree Post was dire. The whole outpost would be lost, if you did not procure demon fire with the help of Durak. What would happen if Durak was just a warlock trying to ensure everyone he knows comes out alive at the end of the battle.

Garrosh does not tolerate demons, warlocks or any kind of use of demonic power. Even if it helps Horde. So I ask you once more. What were the captured demons doing in Orgrimmar? Why were they captured in first place? And why were all warlocks that lived in Orgrimmar for so long, even under Garrosh's reign, all of a sudden executed at the spot.

Garrosh is known to go for extremes. There is rarely an example, if any, when Garrosh does something moderately. With Garrosh it is always all or nothing, do or die. I would be willing to bet, that he had warlocks first summon the demons in order to strengthen his Blademasters. To transform them into something greater after the destruction of the Divine Bell. And after the warlocks did as he told them to, he had them executed in fear that someone else might try this.

Garrosh is a cunning, and very intelligent military commander. We can safely say that most of his political decisions are pure blunders if not disasters, but his military decisions usually have some value behind them. Yes, sure, most of his military decisions could be described as atrocities, as things that should never come to pass, but somewhere deep, he has some compelling reasons for them. They are compelling reasons once you embrace cartesian belief in ones inner conviction.

This brings me to another bit of speculation. In Siege of Orgrimmar Thrall failed to execute Garrosh. He probably tried to give him a death worthy of a warrior. Not for the sake of Garrosh, but for the sake of Grom Hellscream. So Grom's spirit could be at peace knowing that for all his son did, he did not die shamefully. What a shameful death is, is open for discussion, but let us just go with the idea for now.

Now, we are waiting for Garrosh's trial to take place in Pandaria. I can hardly imagine how this trial is going to look like to be honest. Will all that were harmed directly and indirectly by his action line up and start telling their stories of sadness as sorrow? No, that would take too long. And neither of us is really interested in that either. Not even Garrosh cares for that.

He did not have a change of heart all of a sudden after we have beaten him, and made Vol'jin for new warchief. Garrosh does not regret his actions. It is that inner conviction of his, that makes him believe he is right and everyone else wrong. Everyone else does not see a bigger picture. Garrosh does not bow down just because he was defeated. Defeat for him means only that he did not try hard enough.

My idea is, that his trial is interupted in some manner. Either a group of still loyal orcs attack and take Garrosh away, maybe Anduin frees him, or maybe Burning Legion invades, and gives Garrosh a perfect opportunity to redeem himself. Either way, Garrosh gets away from his trial. Next time we see him, he is a full-fledged Demon Hunter. Now I can hear you. A bit earlier I said how Garrosh is essentially deaf for everyone around him. So what would make him abandon all his previous goals. Illidan. Meeting Illidan on one of the demon worlds, fighting the Burning Legion made him realize that all his doings on Azeroth do not matter if Burning Legion will enslave them all in the end.

Joining with Illidan, they go and recruit new generation of Demon Hunters. A generation that is different than the old ones though. They are blend of the Demon Hunters and Blademasters. Realizing that in most cases, even the most capable of candidates cannot take the torture required of them to attain this full transformation, they compromise, and equip the Demon Hunters into mail armour. Thus ensuring the new generation can take more punishment, even though their power potential is not as high as it could be. Better safe than sorry.

And about Illidan. Yes, we killed him in the Black Temple. But Illidan, at that point absorbed so much fel energy that he could essentially transform into a demon. He looked like one already. And knowing that demons can only be killed in the twisting nether, this led to Illidan's reincarnation of sorts.

With that said, who could become this new Hero Class? Unlike Death Knights, Demon Hunters should be a bit pickier about their new initiates. I would say Night Elves, Blood Elves, Orcs, Humans, Forsaken, Worgen, and Trolls. With Trolls and Worgen being a stretch already in my opinion. Demon Hunters should be only of races that have some personal stake in the fight against demonic legions.


  1. Fun speculation, but I just don't see Garrosh negotiating with Illidan. In fact, I think Garrosh is destined to be dead at some point during an expansion. If he has a moment of redemption though, I can't say I have anything more interesting to speculate than what you have here.

    1. Not really negotiating with Illidan. I will try to explain that in tomorrow's blog. I do not want to spoil the surprise. I agree, Garrosh is very likely to die at some point, but in my opinion it would be a death similar to his father's.


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