Thursday, 17 October 2013

Guild Wars II: Return to Tyria

When I last logged on my Guardian, there was some immediate crisis involving Norn, Charr and a lot of flame. That is as much as I remember. I think Arena Net calls it Living Story or something like that. To be frank, I was frustrated that the content that became available was there only for awhile. And then it would go away forever. I was not frustrated because I would miss some content, but because I felt that Guild Wars II did not have enough content in first place.

I hate that. Not only that, but the content that came was so minuscule, you were through it in as much as couple of hours. And if you were doing it for hours, it meant you were doing something wrong. Really wrong. Like running into a wall for the past hour or so. That kind of wrong.

I like to compare MMOs with books. An MMO needs to be a hefty book, big and chunky, with small letters. When you see that book of an MMO you know it is brimming with content. When you see it, you know it will take a long time before you chew through it all. Guild Wars II feels like a two hundred page novel with font the size of twenty-four. The holes that could be filled up with additional events are visible to the naked eye.

But let us not lose words over what was. Instead let us focus on my (mis)adventures at hand. As I logged in, I heard a crier announcing there is a part time bouncer job available at the Busted Flagon. Thinking this must be some kind of dynamic event, I started searching on the map where that damnable tavern is. Did I mention I really hate how the maps in Guild Wars II look? I will get back to that.

After something like two minutes of searching and then realizing that it was the one building on map marked by white star, I was finally at the tavern. I was standing one alley away when I started looking for it. Silly me. I still thought that the star was reserved for progressing of personal story, and later living story. But no, it seems to serve as a marker on a point of interest these days.

As I entered the Busted Flagon I looked around to find an innkeeper. You know, if anyone is going to give me a job of a bouncer, it would be the owner, so the innkeeper. Because that is supposed to be a dynamic event right. And by getting hired as a bouncer, I am going to trigger that dynamic event.

I turned the whole inn upside down. No sign of any kind of innkeeper, or even a bar maiden for that matter. Only bunch of citizens, a lost poet and some Norn in need to throw axes left and right. As soon as his brother would join him, the Norn said. After walking up and down impatiently, in expectation that innkeeper would turn up anytime now. By chance with a whole gang of robbers on his tail, and I, like a true hero will be charged with taking them down.

It seems I forgot that I spent my first twenty levels in Guild Wars II farming. For the sake of continuation, I gave up on my Godot of an innkeeper and moved on. I teleported to Gendarran Fields. My reasoning, centaurs are always up to something.

I was not disappointed. As soon as I started the search for my adventure, I noticed that centaurs took over Nebo Terrace. Being a knight (Guardian in truth) in a shining armor, I decided it was on me to rid the citizenry of the four-legged fiends.

I charged. Right under the west portcullis. I would love to say how battle was long and exhausting. How I fought tooth and nail to save the inhabitants form the clutches of the centaurs. The truth is, I was trying to remember the flow of the combat. I soon did, and there was no need to change anything. I swung my greatsword in high arc slaying at least three of the centaurs at once.

As the battle continued some lost adventurers came to help. To steal my glory, truth be told. I had it all under control. And soon after they came, centaurs started running. The victory was ours. Nebo Terrace free once again. I followed the fleeing centaurs and slew two that I caught with my Binding Blade skill. I continued to help the local fallen archers get back on their feet. 

And then, I was suitably rewarded. Centaurs decided to lay siege. They readied their catapults, but I was too quick. Before anyone could do anything else, I already destroyed the two catapults, and pushed them even further back into the mountains.

Now, with my lust for glory finally sated. I turned and went on, to chase something else. Something, I have not yet found. At the end of this adventure I was glad. Knowing that this could only end well if I end it soon, I logged out.

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