Monday, 21 October 2013

LoL: Anarchy called Jinx

The new champion to stomp the grass of Summoner's Rift is Jinx. Chaotic, playful, anarchistic, childish, and her own. She seems to be the new Joker of Runeterra. And what follows, are my thoughts of her.

What I know of Jinx, is that she one day appeared in Piltover, until her arrival, known as City of Progress. It is quite telling that just one Jinx was enough to turn shining beacon of peace and prosperity into chaos, mayhem, and destruction, the citizens have not faced since, well ever in fact. They were always rivals with Zaun, Victor and the likes of him caused problems every now and then, but that was different.

Those individuals had a plan. They had a clear goal. Destroy a lab, steal some secret blueprints, rob a bank, bomb the embassy. They all had purpose, and with that, authorities of Piltover knew how to deal with. What caught them unexpected, was Jinx. No purpose, no reason, no possible reasoning behind her actions. All she ever does is because it is fun. To her.

She is so inconceivable to the peacekeepers of Piltover it almost borders on ludicrous. The chemistry between Jinx and Vi is great. Before Jinx arrived, Vi was usually the one to blame for all the mayhem and destruction in the city. Fortunately for Piltover, when it comes to Vi, the damage done was just a collateral, never really intentional. She is just very passionate about her job.

Jinx Splash Art

Skinny, pale, with plasters all over her body Jinx is someone who the peaceful city never even imagined. She is diametrical opposite of Vi. Vi is hot-blooded, short-tempered, with a strong build and an iron purpose. And the only way Vi knows to solve problem, is to beat on it until it is solved. A method that does not quite work with Jinx. Jinx is cold-blooded, spontaneous, chaotic. There is no purpose or reason in what she does. And that drives Vi crazy.

Seeing so strong opposite must be infuriating. It is like discovering your natural enemy. To do everything in such a different way. And to know that no matter you do, your usual ways will not work on this nemesis of yours. Feeling powerless and only thing that comes to mind is to hit it even harder. It is hard to be Vi with Jinx in town. Vi is like that broken robot dancing with Jinx. On paper, Jinx is the one who follows, in reality it is the robot that is dragged behind.

Jinx loves chaos. She loves anarchy. She loves explosions. She is the Joker of Piltover. And what makes her shine, is the lack of a proper Batman to keep her at leash. She does what she wills and nobody is able to stop her. Jinx is like a child. Playing with her favourite toy. As long as it is interesting, she is going to play with Vi in Piltover. And here comes the real tragedy.

Vi is encircled in all the chaos that she does not realize, that the one thing that probably keeps Jinx in town is she, her reactions, and the ease of taunting her. What is worse, that because of her office, Vi cannot just ignore Jinx and let her do as she pleases. And thus, Jinx's entertainment for the day is taken care of.

Piltover -Source

I will probably never play Jinx. Maybe if she comes in ARAM. I avoid ranged attack damage carries and middle champions as plague. I know my strengths and my weaknesses. Playing anything ranged, is one of my weaknesses. But I absolutely love the feel of Jinx. I love her attitude, her edge, and spunk she radiates through the music video. Her devilish grin, yawn of boredom, idle boxing, and maniacal laughter. Lying in a bath full of empty ammo-shells. It all servers to present the character.

Jinx might truly love chaos, have adoration for explosion, and never ending lust for mayhem. But one question remains. Could all she is doing, just be a need for attention. Could all the chaos she is creating just be a ludditian outcry against technology?

Could it be that Jinx actually wants to help the world, yet is not able to take any other approach? And if that is so, what could possible make her take such radical stance against technology? Make no mistake, Piltover is a city where steampunk, science and hextech prosper. And even though Piltover has regulations about such things, one can assume Zaun had them at one point as well. And rumour has it, that Jinx is from Zaun. What if all the destruction she is creating in Piltover, is her way of trying to prevent another Zaun to happen?

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