Tuesday, 1 October 2013

LoL: Garen and his Visual Upgrade

Visually upgraded Garen from League of Legends

When I first saw the news, that my personal favourite champion in League of Legends is getting a facelift, I did not really know what to expect. I saw how the new skins will look. I saw how the new spells are going to look. And I was not really thrilled about it. For most of the skins I thought they were over-exaggerated. For most of the spells I thought they were too bright. Nothing was fine with me.

It is safe to say I loved the old Garen's look. That is probably the reason why I own Sanguine, Desert Trooper, and Rugged Garen skins. They all looked great in their old iterations. In my opinion, they did not need to get remodeled at all. Even if Sanguine and Desert Trooper were only a recoloration of the Garen's basic look.

What vexed me the most, was that change included the relatively new Rugged Garen as well. The old Garen was great. And Rugged Garen was my favourite. Ever since it came out and I bought it, it was the only skin I ever used when I played Garen. The Desert Trooper and Sanguine Garen took an indefinite break from active duty for all that I cared.

Splash Art of Rugged Garen from League of Legends

Rugged Garen was The Skin. It was ultimate among mighty. It looked worn down, experienced yet confident. It looked like he could silence anyone with just that stern look in his eyes. Just as the leader of Dauntless Vanguard should look like. When in Demacia, Garen can prance around and parade the streets in his ceremonial while plate armor, adorned with the blue scarf. But when on battlefield, roaming the forests in search of an enemy, that white ceremonial armor is forgotten.

He grows van dyke, wears a dark coat, with only the integral pieces of armor, such as vambraces and only one pauldron attached in order to ascertain the mobility required. His armor is all dinted and scratched, his sword has multiple chips and is always worn at the ready as a proper two handed sword should be, when one is ready to do battle. Rugged Garen is always fully aware, always ready, and never flinching.

Rugged Garen is the opposite of the basic Garen skin. It is the opposite of all Garen skins. While in every other skin Garen looks fresh and eager, with no thought to what he is doing or what he is after, that is not the case with Rugged Garen. Rugged skin is the one that screams of determination, sheer willpower Garen has in order to rise up to the challenge each and every day. Rugged Garen is the one that saw hundreds of enemies, man, beasts, and monsters all dead at the tip of his trusty greatsword. Even though it is a bastard sword normally, the way he carries it on the Rugged splash art, indicates it is a greatsword.

And when I took the new Garen to battlefield, I knew all my fears were in vain. The Rugged Skin, for what I can attest looks great. The new attack animation are much more suited to Garen and his greatsword. They are slow and you can feel the weight behind the attack. Each swing goes in full arc with a brief moment of pause, as if he is trying to muster the strength to continue onward into second slash from the back of his hand. And so it goes from left to right, holding the sword in both hands. His critical hit, is now a brutal pierce.

His posture is not as straight as it used to be. Now he is on guard. His movement resembles a prowl. He is much more vocal in fights as you can hear all his batte cries and sighs. Garen gives impression of real confidence and is not an exemplar of might and justice only in name any longer. Not that it ever was, but it is a real improvement.

I love the death animation that looks like he would strangle the person that was the end of him, if only he could get him or her in his hands. Not that Garen ever dies, he is Might of Demacia afterall, but it is a nice touch. I must admit, I was wrong. I still do not like the silly scimitar he is wielding as Desert Trooper, and there is probably a few more quirks I will discover later on. But overall, I am impressed.

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