Monday, 14 October 2013

LoL: A Moment of Pride

Last week I was writing about the nature of surrender and how it has no place in competitive gaming. Maybe a comparison to sports would be in place here. Motto of Olympics is "Citius, Altius, Fortius" which means "Faster, Higher, Stronger". And then we have that unofficial, but often repeated phrase "It's not about winning, it's about participation." To which I will always disagree. The second phrase is so much more popular, because the number of losers is much higher in comparison to winners. There can be one winner, but thousand losers. They have to console themselves somehow.

But to get back on the topic at hand. As I was writing last week how surrender is never an option, how it never should be an option in competitive games, I was able to witness such a game for myself.

The game started without a problem, roles were distributed, we decided and agreed, the team let me take top lane after I told them the truth about my mid plays. They are nonexistent to be honest. I can play at top, in jungle, or as support. But any kind of ranged damage dealing, magical or physical, is just out of my capabilities.

As the game started I was playing with Garen against the duo consisting of Jarvan IV and Rengar. I had my hands full, but I managed to keep those two at bay. Probably because they had an internal squabble they were not afraid to continue in /all chat.

All was going well, we traded blows, our bot lane had somewhat easy job dealing just with an enemy carry without support backing him up. Our jungler was getting kills from top lane as the duo refused to ward since I was such a nice punching bag. I do not think they expected that their punching bag would punch back.

In mid game, team fights became regular occurrence. The theatre of war became more balanced. I was having a tug of war with Rengar at top lane. while the other four fought over middle lane. And as this continues, our Blitzcrank decides that he had enough. The reason, our Corki was feeding. With 4/2/3 score at the time I cannot call it feeding.

This was only in twenty-fifth minute, but our Blitzcrank was dead-set that game would be over soon and initiated a surrender vote. The surrender vote failed within a second with one for and four against surrender. We contniued to make most of the situation and tried to take back the control of the game.

But this was soon impossible. Our Blitzcrank first ran into an enemy base through all the turrets and got himself killed. After that, he sold all his items and bought thirty wards. It was so long ago since I played as support that I did not even know wards stacked by five now. As playing at top lane, I usually buy only a few wards over the course of the whole game.

Blitzcrank continued to ward all the jungle and feeding the enemy team. Probably expecting us to get mad, to rage, to just quit and surrender. So he could do his own thing. I am proud to say that we did not give him that joy. We continued. Endured. We played best we could. We took advantage of our Blitzcrank warding the whole jungle and started getting kills in return.

Every two minutes a surrender vote initiated by Blitzcrank went up. each time it was shut down in a matter of seconds by the remaining four players. Stoically, not a word uttered against his behaviour. We even encouraged him to ward an area that he missed. At some point, Blitzcrank realised that warding all that jungle is actually helping us, so he instead put all the wards he could in our home base. I would take a screenshot to show you, but I had my hands full with the enemy team.

The game ended after fifty-five minutes. Our team lost. But we lost with only nine kills difference. Blitzcrank's score was at that point 1/15/1.  And we fought until the very end. We made our opponents earn their victory even with our Blitzcrank doing everything in his power to end the game as quickly as possible.

So in that regard, I salute you, Twisted Faith, Lee Sin, Corki. You fought until the end and ignored all the taunts from Blitzcrank. You showed the character of a real, ideal player. Never giving up, never stooping on Blitzcrank's level. Being mature, and able to shrug off all those taunts of Blitzcrank over the course of the game. Even turn Blitzcrank's taunts into joke. I commend you and hope to play with you again some day.

As for you Blitzcrank, also known as tiagog13 on the EU West server, do not worry. One day a scourge fit for you will be found. And you will get what you deserve. One way or the other. In a way, I am thankful. Because of you, I was able to witness my point being made in actual game, from first hand. That, is victory in itself for me.

Part I: The Nature of Surrender

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