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Next Hero Class: Demon Hunter

Previously I speculated about how Demon Hunters would finally join the expanded family of available classes. Now would be a good time to elaborate what Demon Hunter would do, how would they do it, and who would lead them until they were capable of doing it on their own. Today, we shall once more dive into pit of speculation that is at times based on nothing more than wishful thinking.

Given that we accept the fact that Garrosh will not end up on trial in Pandaria. As I said, something happens. Something either prevents trial to begin or interupts it. In any case, Garrosh's trial is in best case postponed, in worst case not happening.

There is also a question about Illidan and his fate. There are those that presume that while we killed Illidan in the Black Temple, we failed to finish him. And the latter is not really our fault. Illidan became bigger than life as it was. He changed. And it was not just his charming personality that changed, neither his stunningly good looks getting twisted with the addition of hooves, wings, and a pair of horns.

In his quest to turn Outland in a dominion of his own, he set to close all the portals that were still operational. In doing so he unwittingly, or maybe fully aware, absorbed insurmountable amounts of fel or arcane energies. More than anyone could ever imagine. And thus, Illidan truly became a demon. His transformation that first started with becoming a Demon Hunter was now complete.

Now imagine if you will. Let us say that Burning Legion invades. The situation is dire. The trial must wait. There is more imminent threat that needs to be dealt with first. And then, comes back Illidan. And demands Garrosh to be given into his care. Nobody sees the point of it and everyone objects. Not just because of everything Garrosh did in his recent years, but because of Illidan as well. And what would Illidan love more at this point than infuriate his elder brother. And if he makes Malfurion angry, Tyrande will be pissed as well. And getting at least some attention from Tyrande is much better than no attention at all for all that Illidan cares.

But this demand would not only infuriate Alliance, but also anger the Horde. Here we have someone who has consorted with demons, who could be held responsible to some degree for the fall of Kael'thas, even if the latter could be attributed to whole array of people. Vol'jin is the first to not like this. If they let Garrosh free, that means unrest within the Horde. There are still those among orcs that do not like the new warchief. And there are still those among the Horde who believe that Garrosh was right all along. But if they let Garrosh go, he might take all the insurgents-to-be with him.

But let us speculate a bit further. If we accept the premise that Illidan became a demon, we must accept the premise he is very powerful demon as well. Maybe even so powerful he could whisper to Garrosh what to do. Maybe it was his whispers that instilled the idea of blind tattooed Blademasters in Garrosh. Maybe this was Illidan's way of trying to warn Azeroth of impending doom. Yet the one whom he contacted misunderstood his message. And took on himself to find a power to strengthen the Horde. Maybe Wrathion was not the only one who had visions of Legion invading.

Now, some of you might ask, why did Illidan not contact Tyrande or someone else from the Alliance. And the answer is self-preservation. If Illidan stayed in the shadows fighting the demons for all this time, it would hurt him greatly if Malfurion or Maiev found out that he was alive. The moment Maiev found out he was alive, she would hunt him again. The moment Malfurion found out he was alive, he would want him imprisoned, because this is how Malfurion rolls. Everyone else can do whatever they like, but Illidan stays behind bars.

Illidan spent a considerable amount of time among orcs, even if those were fel orcs. He knows how very susceptible can orcs be to dreams and visions. Just historically if we take, Ner'zhul thought he was talking with spirits in his dreams, when it was Kil'jaeden. Thrall started exodus to the Kalimdor, because of Medivh's warning in his dreams. Garrosh having visions of destruction, of the fall of the Horde instilled by Illidan could lead Garrosh into believing he must do everything he can to make Horde strong.

You may recall that when we were first sent to Pandaria, Garrosh wanted to conquer the land for the Horde. All well and so on. Garrosh warmongering, nothing new. But then, come escalation he changed. His main objective changed. He did not care any longer for Pandaria. He wanted only powerful artifacts that would strenghten the Horde soldiers. What could possibly make Garrosh discard a whole continent rich in resources, and ready for plunder, and just focus on the old relics and trinkets instead? Sha? Not likely. If Garrosh was the same, he would see in sha a pitiful enemy just waiting to be eradicated.

Ok, now for the sake of argument we will assume that Garrosh is let in Illidan's care. Soon becoming full-fleged Demon Hunter. Let us call it his redemption of sorts. His second chance. Garrosh would lead the new generation of Demon Hunters that came to be from the ranks of both Demon Hunters and Blademasters.

As a mail class is needed, Demon Hunter would be wearing mail armour. Yes, the old generation wore leather and cloth, but Blademasters wore plate and cloth. Take it as a compromise between the two. They could become tanks, melee damage dealers, and ranged damage dealers. As ranged damage dealers they would be able to use bows, and crossbows.

Their arsenal would consist of two handed axes and swords, polearms, one handed axes and swords, bows, and crossbows. The dual wielding would be for their tanks, and two handed weaponry for their melee damage dealers. Dual wielding was through history first and foremost a defensive style of combat. So it would make sense. They would also be first mail tanks. This would also solve the exclusivity Hunters currently have over all guns, bows, and crossbows in regard to ranged Demon Hunters.

The purpose of tank is to look intimidating, for enemy to acknowledge him as the greatest threat. And just taunting does not accomplish anything when you think about it. When you see someone hiding behind an enormous shield and shouting insults you know he is the last one you want to take care of. This is why druid bear form and two-handed blood Death Knights work as tanks. Because they represent a real threat for for their enemy. Paladins and Warriors are essentially reactive tanks. The latter two just want to protect their allies and divert the attention of their enemy from their weaker allies.

They would start, just as Death Knight at level 55. They would be Hero Class. And unlike Death Knights, they would not be available to all and everyone. Only a few races could become Demon Hunter. Only those races that have a personal grudge against Demons. Because to try and fight fire with fire, you must first experience fire on your own. Draenei, while dealing with Burning Legion for the longest time, would not be Demon Hunters. For the same reason they cannot be warlocks. It is just not their way.

Races that could become Demon Hunters would be Night Elves, Blood Elves, Humans, Orcs, and Forsaken. Maybe even Worgen and Trolls, but here it ends. An individual becomes a Demon Hunter out of spite. Out of frustration, and of feeling of powerlessness. Becoming a Demon Hunter is not a calling, like becoming a Paladin. It is not a matter of affinity for magic, like becoming a mage. It is not even about how skilled you were in your past life, as it is for becoming a Death Knight. To become Demon Hunter, is the same as to forsake your old life. To devote your whole life to one goal and one goal only. To become the end of Burning Legion.


  1. Interesting theory though I'd have to say that a) Illidan would already end up in the Twisting Nether after having been vanquished as his demon transformation made him a demon. So there was no need to spin the story of making him more powerful and b) Being in the Twisting Nether he would land right in the Legion's terretory so it is more likely that we will have to rescue him from Sargeras. After all Illidan did not fight the Legion because he hated them they just wanted to control him and Illidan happens to hate being controlled. There was also some late punishment to be exacted for him failing to stop Arthas (the reason he hid on Draenor in the first place).

    As for Kael's fall my view on the matter is that that was Kael's and Kil'jaedan's fult entirely since Kael wanted to save his people by getting as much arcane energy as possible for consumption. Kil'Jaedan happened to offer more then Illidan so hence the betrayal.
    As for Demon Hunters being a hero class I thought Blizzard stated that thre will be no new "hero" classes as they felt the DK starting at 55 was a misstake.

    Otherwise I really like your theory :)

    1. This was not spining story of Illidan becoming more powerful. He did go about closing portals. I just summarized it. Illidan's transformation was the basis of speculation story about Garrosh.
      Indeed, Illidan would end up in territory of the Bourning Legion. But guess who would he meet there? Alleria and Turalyon. Those two must be doing something somewhere for all we know. And not knowing anything about Illidan, they could welcome him as an ally.

      As for Kael, we all know how it all happened, but the beauty is that citizens of Azeroth are not omniscient like the players. Their knowing of the world and the happenings is much more limited. It is much easier for Blood Elves to accept someone corrupted Kael, than to accept he willingly jumped into madness. The work of unreliable narrator if you will.

  2. But would not most Blood Elves be much more influenced by the Scriers view on what happened to Kael? Especially as they noticed themselves how power hungry and mad he was after he returned. Rommath has also not made it any secret that as far as he saw it Kael tried to save his people as best he could and thus fell (very tragically) due to his greed. And that is a common fact that most Blood Elves even in canon lore relate. Lor'themar Theron for instance laments Kael for doing what he did, placing the responsibility of his actions solely on Kael and not a corrupting force.

    And I was not thinking you were spinning a story of making Illidan more powerful, merely I do not think that the fact that he closed portals in Outlands means that he absorbed their power. And his power having no relation to hm ending up in the Twisting Nether would mean that that summary could have been omitted.

    And I do think that Turalyon at least would object to allying with Illidan since he is "tainted" with Fel. After all Turalyon knows of no way to redeem the taint all he knows is that the taint caused the Horde to invade which ended in his loved master Lothar's death.
    Further Alleria knows the difference between high and night elves meaning that the only way Illidan could find sympathies with her would be to openly declare his identity as the Betrayer, since he is the reason the high elven society could exist as a magic based one (having made sure the Sunwell could exist etc. by taking vials out of the Well of Eternity). But since Alleria is a ranger and not a mage I do not think she sees this as redeeming as a high elven mage would. Especially since Illidan's use of fel energies make him much closer to a warlock than a mage further showing him much more alligned with the Old Horde.


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