Sunday, 20 October 2013

Power of Transmog: Archangel

I know what most of you are thinking. This sounds pretentious. Probably is. The truth is, I leafed through the Bible with the illustrations by Gustave DorĂ©. I always loved his work. It has that classical feel that is nowadays mostly gone from all the art. I love his illustrations. And one of the illustrations of the Angels armoured and ready for battle, inspired this Paladin set.

This set is a mixed bag. The set I am currently wearing is still under construction. A work in progress. I am quite fortunate to have an addon called Mogit. Because of that one addon, I can show you how the final version is going to look like. The set consists of Paladin Tier XVI pieces, Savage Gladiator, and some pieces from Terrace of Endless Spring and Heart of Fear, both LFR difficulty, and lastly a weapon from Firelands. A greatsword.

This is actually the first set I made, which incorporates the "kilt". I usually stay clear of that type of armour as I think it cheapens the whole look. Not to mention that on a Blood Elf male model usually the whole armour ends up distorted. You cannot wear a tabard, because it lessens the effect of the armour. And most of the sets have just wrong frame about it.

I believe that for an armour set to work well, a strong idea must be behind it. And that idea must reflect on every aspect of the armour. Not just the name. The idea is one that sells the armour, not the actual look of the armour itself.

What needs to be said about this set, is that all three plate wearing classes can wear it. The only difference in the look boils down to pauldrons, since I, as Paladin use Savage Gladiator's Ornamented Spaulders. I will include the alternatives and specify what is for whom below.

For this set to work, you really need only five pieces of equipment. Pauldrons, chest and hand armour, helmet, and a weapon of your choice, preferably a greatsword. So, go and gather them. And then, unleash the whole might of the angelic wrath on all the enemies that threaten the Azeroth.

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