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The Deceivers of Warcraft

Perhaps it does not come as such a surprise, that universe as great as Warcraft has its share of cheats, murderers, con-men and last but not least deceivers. Today, instead of asking what led them to this dark path, we shall examine who it that deceives us every now and then. And believe me when I say, when our heroes get duped, they get so in style. Not by any kind of small fry. Always with someone so terrible that you ask yourself, how did our bold adventurers not see through these deceptions.

I am sure there was some such in vanilla, alas, I never managed to do all of the old quests. So I will start with the Burning Crusade. When we enter the Shadowmoon Valley there is little to know about it. As far as the most are concerned, the demons are serious threat, Illidan is serious threat, if you want to go home any time soon, you better get the job done and get off this foul place ridden with all sorts of demonic presence.

 Hostile wildlife on every corner, destruction left behind by Gul'dan visible at every step. Everything is either deathly black, or poisonous green. Shadowmoon Valley is so corrupt, that even lava changed color to green. And among all that mess, it is the forces of Alliance, Horde, Scryers and Aldors that are left with making sense out of this chaos.

Everything was going just fine. And then Chief Apothecary Hildagard introduces you to an issue she had with some restless spirits. One thing led to another, and before you knew it, you are helping some ancient Shadowmoon Spirit collect past belongings of Teron Gorefiend. For "divination" purposes of course. As soon as my clueless Paladin collected Gorefiend's coat, truncheon, and armor, for that mysterious spirit it was over. The spirit revealed himself and thanked for cooperation. If my Paladin helped him escape from his prison, he would let him live. The spirit was Teron Gorefiend revived.

Not the proudest moment of my Paladin, but back then he was still cold-blooded Blood Knight. And the alternative was to be trapped together with Teron in that altar of his for the rest of time. My Paladin had things to do, places to be that afternoon, so staying trapped for whole eternity with one of the greatest sadistic psychopaths was not really an option. Possessed by Teron, my Paladin defeated Teron's jailer Karsius and with that, freed the first Death Knight from his prison. You know how bad someone really is, when you realize he was killed, his spirit imprisoned, and then his belongings separated in order he could never come back.

The adventurers later on found Teron in Black Temple. After dealing with him, his dying breath is of his return. That man does not know when to give up. and what is really scary, is that he is one of the few that seems to have means to deliver what he says. The wheel... spins... again...

In Wrath of the Lich King, the adventurers were eager to help out in Storm Peaks. In order to wake Thorim out of his malady, we tried doing it with all kinds of tricks, feats, and disguises. And in all those antics of ours we were backed up, even encouraged by one person. Lok'lira. In the end though, it was our good intentions and unparalelled gullability that led to Thorim being ambushed by Loken and sent to Ulduar.

If it is any consolation, we were tricked by a master trickster, even though in Azeroth, Loken is the corrupted jailor of Yogg-Saron. Before that Loken was the supreme protector of Azeroth, chosen by the Titans. And how do we doeal with being tricked this time? We kill Loken in Halls of Lightning. Thus actually sending out the signal for destruction of Azeroth.

It is only later on, when we manage to defeat Algalon in Ulduar, make him see, that we are spared. And it is not because he understands Yogg-Saron corrupted the Watchers. Or that we were only a puppets dancing by the tune Yogg-Saron played. It is our perseverance, unbreakable will and stubbornness beyond death, that makes him stop. That makes him wonder and think. That is why he spares us. Giving us actually a second chance. A second chance for the whole Azeroth.

There is a saying, that goes somewhere along those lines: An ass goes only once on ice... Our adventurers go every expansion. As if the lesson of deception first taught by Teron and then engrained by Loken was not enough, we go and help out a satyr. Hyjal is in trouble as Cataclysm hits, and it needs saving. The situation is so dire, that we are sent to seek help from an imprisoned satyr, member of the Burning Legion, Tyrus Blackhorn.

As it is expected by this point, we unknowingly help him escape from his prison. The place where he is chained does not deserve to be called prison. He is chained in the open, in front of the tower. And all the time we work with him to save Hyjal's wild life and critters, he is spewing nonsense about destroying Azeroth, his masters in Burning Legion, and that the world shall burn. It is pretty obvious that he himself would gladly light the match to burn Azeroth if he ever got the chance. Just as long as it is done in the name of Burning Legion. I guess rivalry among world-enders is a big thing.

Blackhorn's "prison"

As a farewell gift, on his way to unknown he lets us live. As we will die soon enough. And it does not seem he believes some crazy cultist could be the end of us. He leaves the impression that it will be him and Burning Legion that ensures our death. So, in our good faith, we let go from imprisonment one more powerful foe, that could one day return with even greater power. The power to really bring us to our knees. The power that will finally taught us a lesson about trust and whom to trust.

This leaves us with one question. Who was deceiving us through Pandaria? Who is playing games in plain sight and seems so harmless because we are let in on his every move? Who is it that time and time again claims that all the war he is trying to create is only to end it? That the war he tries to accelerate is for the good of Azeroth? As greater dangers loom in from outside. Who is that man that sends us out for most powerful artifacts across Pandaria, to see if we are up to the task. And who is it, that wants us to keep our dealings with him a secret? As he says, it would be bad if others found out.

It would be unwise to let Wrathion go. To just trust him. It might not be fair as he is not really the one to blame for anything the Black Dragonflight did, nor was he involved in all those misadventures that we got ourselves into. Yet, how many times will we burn ourselves before we finally learn not to just trust anybody on face value? Especially with a scion of Black Dragonflight.

The Black Dragonflight is the one, we could say, that invented deceit, lies, betrayal. Sure, Wrathion was not around when Neltharion took Demon Soul for himself. He was not there when Onyxia played Nobles of Stormwind and Stonemasons against each other. He was not there when Deathwing tried to take control of Alterac Kingdom and marry Calia Menethil. Yet one thing to remember is, that apple does not fall far from the tree. And all in all, Wrathion still is Deathwing's son.

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  1. Great read. Would do again :) Now I'm inspired to write some future articles about the things I loved about WoW lore.


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