Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dissapointment(s) of Warlords of Draenor

Last week I talked about what I look forward the most. It seems only fair to discuss what I find most disappointing as well. As they say, the best critics of the game are those that still play it. Now I would love to say there is nothing I disliked, but as time goes one always starts noticing cracks in otherwise perfect facade. There are several things that are not to my liking.

The first is, (quasi) time travel. Yes, I know, it is not time travel, I get it. By now we all know this leads to alternate dimension of sorts and the Horde we are fighting is a new take on the Old Horde while they were still not corrupted. What was wrong with the GOGO? Yes, I am making the abbreviation up out of thin air. I will ask again. What was ever wrong with Good Old Green Orcs? GOGO.

It might be my desire to return to Outland, and fight demons, with no Orcs anywhere else but on the side of my Horde. And all of them green. You see, green orcs have attitude. They have been there, done that, and came back to tell about what they were doing. They know how bad you can ruin thing. Somewhere in the back of their thick skulls, they realise that what they did was wrong and it cost them their Draenor. It would be so great to see them fight for the remains of Outland.

But no, now once again, we are left with Garrosh and his ilk destroying things whenever they get the chance. Sure, it is not a reboot, but for all that is worth, it sure feels like one. Green orc, is a good orc. Brown orc is a douche ever since Garrosh stepped on Azeroth. Young Saurfang excluded. He was cool and he died for it.

And about Durotan. They are saying he will be siding with our Horde. This just shows Durotan in a whole different light than we knew him. Our Durotan did not join the Horde because of demonic manipulation and magic. Corruption of Orcs was his main reason essentially. This new Durotan seems to be refusing the Iron Horde because of what? Technology? Maybe he really is an old traditionalist of an orc who believes an enemy should die only by his axe. More likely, he wants to rule without others ruling over him. He wants to be like Caesar. I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome, said Caesar. This makes him as bad as Garrosh, not noble at all.

The other thing that bothers me is this no-flying decision. This is too much like Timeless Isle for my liking. And knowing form experience, it is neither fun nor more dangerous. It is annoying. Not being able to fly where you want, how you want and as you want. Yes, you can always take the scenic route with the flightpaths, you might as well read a book meanwhile. Maybe this is what they want. For us to read all the damned books that should be instead quests in the game, while we are waiting for our endless flight to end.

I guess it was too much to hope that after all the campaigns through Azeroth, Outland, Northrend, and Pandaria we would finally know how to fly anywhere. I understand they want people not to fly when they are levelling up. It makes sense, it is easier to design this way. It feels more grand, and makes the world seem greater than it really is. But once you hit max level, there really is  no reason not to fly. Flying is a convenience that we all love and enjoy. Those that say otherwise are liars. In any case, they can walk for all I care, I want to fly.

The excuse that people will want to explore the world because they cannot fly is so paper thin, that falls apart if you only glare at it. I know I explore the world with my flying mount. I stop at every chasm and each of many mountain tops. I want to know what is in those hidden valleys and where rivers come from. What I know, is that as long as I am grounded, I ignore everything else. It is from point A to point B, if you stop somewhere along, you are wasting time. This is because from the air, you can see many more things, that would otherwise stay hidden. And you cannot find things interesting and worth exploring, if you do not know for them.

Another thing is removal of the daily quests. Now, I know there was a backlash at start of Pandaria because of dailies and how everybody hated it. But people did not hate daily quests. They hated the gating mechanic behind it. The same gating Blizzard wants now to apply to flying in WoD. They are saying there will be an epic quest line for us to unlock flying. What does this mean? That at the end, there will be some random brown shaman telling us that for a small sum of ten thousand gold pieces he can persuade the Wind Spirit to not knock us of the mount?

And while we are at no dailies and what would replace them. They say more dynamic event. More like Timeless Isle they say. I hate Timeless Isle. Anything you need to kill takes awhile, if you are tank, it take an eternity. Random bosses spawn and people, like zerg swarm all throw themselves at them until they are dead. I know what dynamic event is from Guild Wars II. And it does not look good even there. More often than not it just a cyclical event that once it is done, there is nothing to do for awhile.

Dynamic event in my book, means less content and more time looking for something to do. I guess I can farm the old armours for my Death Knight for awhile, but what then? Will we end up slaughtering Iron Horde's caravans and then wait for them to respawn so we can do it again. This is just a mindless grind.

Their desire to make people engage with the world is admirable, but a bit late. It would require them to shut much of our conveniences off before we would start "exploring" the world again. LF tools would be the first to go away. But this is enough for now. Without even realising this turned into a rant. And about things that were only announced. I only hope they see the error of their ways and change their mind at least about dailies and no-flying. I do not think there is much that can be done about story itself. I guess I will have to weather through the whole expansion of brown orcs. Here is hoping that after that, the only orc I ever see again is green as grass at the height of the spring.


  1. I couldn't agree more: this move is waaaay late. If they ever wanted to adjust the all open access to flying through the world that they introduced with TBC, the time to do that was in WotLK. I do appreciate the change however, but what bothers me about it is that I KNOW they will repeal this change with the expansion that follows WoD. They will take it back (or worse, they'll do it mid-expansion, sorta how they're doing Diablo feature rollbacks).

  2. what a fucking douche post this is.

    1. Thank you for your insight, I find it overwhelmingly helpful. Maybe next time you decide to comment here, you could actually try and throw in something constructive as well?
      Just a suggestion.


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