Saturday, 16 November 2013

Warlords of Draenor Favourites

As Blizzcon finally and truly behind us, we can start nitpicking little by little. We were probably nitpicking for some time now, but today I will try and highlight what piqued my interest about Warlords of Draenor the most. It was not time travel.

The most exciting announcement focusing on Warlords of Draenor was in my case garrisons. I love the idea of being able to build, well a whole village. To customise it. To decide what buildings you require, and which of them you do not need. I like this idea of specialisation. I love that we will have our own troops, which we will be able to send to distant parts of Draenor to do missions for us. I wonder if I could send them to Stratholme, Karazhan, Sethekk Halls, and Utgarde Pinnacle to farm for mounts.

But as the saying goes, give a man an inch and he will take a mile. And I would not be myself had I not have some more things to say and wish for. I guess it is the way of things. While I consider addition of garrisons great, and see in them strong contender for how I will approach the content in the next expansion, I would like more of them. Specifically, I would love to have an option for architectural style. While I appreciate human buildings for humans, and orcish architecture for orcs, none of the two makes sense for any of the other races.

I would love to have Thalassian architecture for Blood Elves, Darnassian for Night Elves, Dwarven, Troll, Gnomish, Draenei, Forsaken, Pandaren, Tauren, and even Goblin architecture. By my recollection, this is supposed to be our place, our town, something we have to raise on our own. It only makes sense it looks like design of our own. There is no sense for a Blood Elf or Forsaken to build an orcish outpost. It makes as little of sense for Draenei, Pandaren or Night Elf to build structures in the style of the humans.

The second thing were character models. They seem to be coming along nicely. They look good, animations are well done, but this never was much of a concern for me in the first place. I somehow always trusted them to be able to do things as they should be done. In the same breath, I am also excited about the possibility of new hairstyles. Because I hope this means addition of new facial hair as well. And I would love to have the Draenei Goatee on my Blood Elf, without the sideburns if possible.

I am more concerned about what we were not shown. For example, will the Forsaken's armour still be ripped apart by his bones? I would love to avoid that. Some of animations look quite different, and give a different feel as well. I talked about the orc wondering before, but it is same with dwarf looking at the side. The old model tilts the head back a bit, as if in wonder or shock. The new model, tilts the head forward a bit, as if out of curiosity.

There is not really any feature that I was not happy about. I liked all of it. Aside form alternate timelines story and more brown orcs, I liked it. Even though I find their current stance on no-flying when you hit level 100 questionable. But this is a rant best left for some other time. The no-fly decision up to 6.1. is probably the one that I disagree with the most. I understand what they wish to do, and what they want to accomplish, but I believe this will in no case stimulate the adventurous spirit of the players into more exploration.

It will be the same as it is on Timeless Isle right now. If you do not need it, you just run past it. When the tiger jumps at you, you do not dismount and fight it, you continue to run onward until the tiger, crane, snake, two yaks, and three turtles finally give up and let you go. It will be the same in Warlords of Draenor. You cannot force the player to explore the world if he does not wish to do so on his own.

Imagine this mustache and beard on a Blood Elf
I like the thought of more dynamic world, but I think doing away with dailies is still too much. I cannot criticise it more without knowing the details, but I dread the day when I find out the reputations will be more in style of Emperor Shaohao's grind fest. One reputation farm I gave upon until Warlords of Draenor come. I can only hope this is the return of reputation tabards.

I look forward to being able to either tank or heal, besides my retributioning on the fly. It will be great that once for a change, the only thing I need to change if i want to tank, or heal, is only my weapon. Blizzard, if you let me tank with a greatsword as Paladin, I will be forever glad to tank. I also look forward to the new tertiary stats, they look interesting, but their usefulness is yet to be seen.

I would love to see the rumoured Diablo III transmog system implemented. It would clear so much of my space, that it seems at times almost inconceivable. All of my bank empty, all of my void storage empty, I need to start thinking with what would I fill it in case it becomes reality. More than anything for now, I wish they figure how to store tabards more efficiently. I know they said maybe, but I just need tabards stored, I will be happy with that alone. This gives me around forty slots in bank immediately.

I almost forgot about the one free level ninety boost. As it stands I will be using it on my Blood Elf warrior that I intend to level up since Cataclysm let Blood Elves swing a sword  in anger. And he is currently level 21. What can I say, I am not a fan of Cataclysm. I look forward to exploring Draenor of yore while playing on my warrior.

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