Saturday, 9 November 2013

First Impressions

The Magnificent Seven

First day of Blizzcon behind us, and much to be excited about. For now at least I decided to be happy about the official announcement about Warlords of Draenor, the fifth expansion of World of Warcraft. I will give them until tomorrow to really try and explain all this time-travelling that they are saying is not time-travelling. For now at least I shall play along. I will have enough time to deconstruct every little quirk that does not sit well with me later on.

When it comes down to WoW, quite a few features were revealed yesterday. I would like to start withe the preview of the models. Currently, there are three done. An orc, a dwarf and a gnome. With forsaken and tauren being shown. While I think the dwarves and gnomes look amazing, there is something to be ask about the orc model. If they are trying to keep the feel and the look of the original, why is then clearly visible an increase in size of the orc's trapezius muscles (it might be just my perspective though).

Other than that, I like it. I even like how the insane muscle definition was toned down. And this is the reason why I wonder about the size of trapezius muscles of the new orc model. I would like to say a word or two about the forsaken model as well. I understand  forsaken have bones that jut out of their body. It is reasonable, they are rotting flesh after all. This was not shown, yet I fear it shall continue with the new models as well. That the bones will jut out of the armour as well. This torn and scraped look makes sense when a forsaken crawls out of the tomb. But not so much when he is wearing the best armour money (in our situation tokens) can buy.

I like the idea of one free level ninety when you buy Warlord of Draenor. This just saved me time of leveling my warrior, whom I am "leveling up" for past several years. I think it is since Cataclysm, or even a bit sooner. I remember I created him as soon as a blood elf could hit something enraged.

Garrisons seem a great feature, the whole aspect of manning up the, well it is essentially a whole village, is great and reminiscent of the of RTS Warcraft games. It seems that all the shouting about player housing was finally heard. But personally, I would like to see more aesthetic choices to it, that go beyond stock Horde and Alliance building. Stock, is essentially orcish and human architecture.

Which for someone playing anything but those two races makes little of sense. I mean, if I am one in charge of the village, I want it build as I see fit. And that is in the Thalassian style for my Blood Elves, Human, or Forsaken for my forsaken, Darnassian for my Night Elves (not that I have any, but still). There should be more options than just the basic Human and Orcish architecture. And the game, actually supports it. We have most of the buildings that would be in the garrison already built and scattered through Azeroth in multiple variations.

Hearthstone was revealed to enter the open beta somewhere by the end of December if luck will have it. Knowing Blizzard and my own luck in this matters, it will probably be January. I look forward experiencing it for myself. There is a finite number of episodes you can watch someone else play the game, no matter how entertaining their video or stream is.

What was also shown was cinematic for Heroes of the Storm, along with pretty pictures of some of the heroes and another video of some quick gameplay. It all looks great, pretty, awesome and every other word you can find fitting in that range. The cinematic itself is ludicrous just the right amount and well executed. I hope it comes out soon, for I want to play with Tyrel. He looks like my type of hero. Sword - check, Heavy armour - check, Paladin archetype - check. What more can a man wish? (It is a rhetoric question).

Today, what remains of interest, at least to me is the news about Warcraft film, and World of Warcraft Q&A. I can only wish someone asks of them to really sit and explain what they mean we travel back in time but manage not to change a single thing. I said this in a wrong way. It is not that I want to know what they mean, I want to see them explain it, how is that possible. And this is mostly it as far as I my interest goes.

Also, it seems heirlooms, toys and maybe tabards are getting the storage space that mounts and pets already have. For which I can say good, but since I have destroyed most of my toys to have space, and my alts mostly still wear heirlooms, I am most interested about that "maybe" for tabards. This maybe might clear around forty slots in my bank, which can then get filled with various armour sets. Because I am insane like that, and Void Storage is already full of weapons and armours I will never use, and pricey as hell.

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