Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday Musings: BlizzCon

On this fine day, and tomorrow's even finer Saturday BlizzCon will take place. What makes it interesting, is that aside from the announcement of the future World of Warcraft expansion (please let it not be time travel), and more details about Diablo III expansion, this year features Hearthstone, and moba called Heroes of the Storm.

The name of the latter for some people represents some sort of an issue as the abbreviation is HotS, the same as for Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm. As I see it, Starcraft will one day get a new expansion, and Heart of the Swarm will be put out of the regular use. Silly worrying around abbreviations.

How about FPS? Or P2P? Unlike HotS the variations of meaning of these two examples are in popular use on daily basis, but people still manage to distinguish between them. FPS is either First Person Shooter, Frames per Second, or in my case First Person Spectacle. P2P can mean Peer to Peer, or Pay to Play. Yet it is always evident from context in what the abbreviation is put what it means.

Mostly, I look forward to how right or wrong I was in my speculation about Demon Hunters being the next hero class. If the latest rumors are true, and Warlords of Dreanor really is the next expansion, then my guess could end up with some validity to it. I have speculated in the past that Azeroth needs to take a time out. We rampaged over it for three expansions now. Armies of both the Alliance and the Horde are exhausted.

We need to take another look on what is going on beyond the Dark Portal, to see what Nazgrel and Rexxar are doing in Outland. Their troops are experienced, well rested (hopefully), and ready for some action. I can imagine we could in this expansion finally meet Alleria and Turalyon. I want to see how Alleria reacts on everything that took place. To see what would her stance about Sylvanas be? My guess is begrudging neutrality.

Maybe we even get two new playable races. Ogres would finally become playable for the Horde, and Furbolgs would join the Alliance. I am a bit torn about the Alliance to be honest. I could even see a fraction of Satyrs rejoining the Night Elven society and becoming playable. Yes, I know it is a ludicrous idea, but so the thought of a Night Elf Mage, or male Priest among Night Elves, or female Druid. Night Elves, are one race that in recent years broke number of taboos that haunted their society for ten thousand years.

Satyrs rejoining their long lost brethren would be sort of fitting, since they were originally Night Elves, who were twisted into their demonic form by demons. And if it is an expansion focused on demons, it makes sense. Unlike Furbolg, that are possible contestants, but just do not fit the expansion about demons and burning legion. We already have a bear race, do we need another, more primal one as well? Maybe Alliance needs it, but incorporating Furbolgs in something more than Azeroth could prove difficult.

But enough about World of Warcraft, I shall have enough time to write and speculate after the BlizzCon. What is also interesting is that, there will be a panel about Warcraft movie. We might finally learn about what the movie will be, and what direction it is going to take.

We know that the Director is Duncan Jones, man behind Moon, and Source Code. I watched the Source Code and found it phenomenal, a friend that watched Moon, but did not see Source Code claims the same for the Moon. What I want of the movie is, to keep its Warcraft essence. Grim and dark, but still lighthearted and full of occasional nonsense. I want it not to try and imitate others. What I would love, is that the movie tones down the size of pauldrons. It is a movie, not an animated film any more. Pauldrons in cinematics are fine. And most of all, if they want a film for inspiration, let that film be Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings. Primarily Hobbit.

Diablo III and Starcraft II, I played but they never really piqued my interest. Although I will always argue that Starcraft II Space marines are better than 40k Space Marines. As I see it, they are more "modern", and thus more aesthetically pleasing. I like my warriors to be as stunning as they are deadly. Those 40k bell-bottoms armour just does not fit my picture of cool.

I also hope to find out when the Hearthstone will be publicly available, because as my luck goes, I will never get the beta key. And also, what will be the roster of Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. I want to see one of the Paladin Heroes that would fit my play style (Simple, deadly, effective). There is a reason why I mostly play Garen, Jarvan IV, and Xin Zhao in League of Legends. Maybe Uther? Or more likely Tyrion with his Ashbringer. Or even one of the Archangels from Diablo.

For now though, we just have to wait patiently, there is nothing we can really do and say. The news will come out eventually, and let us speculate to our hearts content about every little tidbit that has us interested.

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