Friday, 22 November 2013

Friday Musings: Mandate

If this continues, I will have to find some other title for my Friday posts. Today, I once again want to turn your attention to a Kickstarter project. I blame the slow week and lack of any interest for the new console generation. What can I say, I am diehard PC purist. PC supremacy and all that. So, with no further ado, let me present you Mandate.

Mandate is a Sci-fi RPG. You will play as a captain of your spaceship. Interact with your crew, the people in the world, fight in space, board other vessels and try to bring back the glory of the Mandate. Or will you? It seems you might as well opt for pirate life, or openly rebel against the Mandate. The latter I believe is a speculation on my part due to character creation that is available at their website and some obscure hints through videos here and there.

I like how you will be able to interact with your crew, how you will promote your crew based on their abilities, and how you will be able to send them to additional training, so they can improve their skills even further. I love the idea that you do not start as the grunt, only setting his first step into space, but as dishonoured commander.

And this is the only premise given to you. Mandate, the empire akin to Tsarist Russia needs you to quell the rebels and bring back the glory of the empire. It seems they take much of the inspiration from the nineteenth century Europe. I think this is great. It gives a new outlook on space, after all the armoured knights and space super soldiers we have seen in recent years. I look forward to exploring the universe in the boots of soul successors of industrial revolution, Fin de si├Ęcle, Prussian militarism, and Tsarist Russia. It is something new.

Character creation seems to be very detailed and aims to please even the most detail oriented individuals. You will even be able to choose in which way you failed the mandate. You will chose your home planet, the points in your career and the decisions you made, even your own attitude toward the different factions. And what is best, each decision influences the other. The character creation is not a safe bubble of sorts. You will start your game, with much of your own personal history already made, and your decisions will weight down on you as you go.

This is a short overview of the story, as told by the developers. I can only hope it piques your interest:

  • In the far future, mankind abandoned the depleted Earth and became a martial, space faring civilization, colonizing habitable worlds and constructing travel lanes between them 
  • The governing force of the civilization has its roots in Russian industry: it is known as the Mandate; a reborn Tsarist Empire 
  • As civilization continued to expand, corruption within the Mandate and dissent in the outer systems began to spread 
  • A change of rulers is always a difficult time. The Emperor fell unexpectedly ill and died under questionable circumstances. The military was recalled to his state funeral and the investiture of his successor -a young and inexperienced Empress who took the throne with limited political support 
  • Seizing the moment, several systems announced their intention to break away from the Mandate 
  • In crisis, the Empress dispatched the Grand Fleet to restore order 
  • Shortly after their departure, reports filtered back that the travel lanes were being sabotaged. It is presumed this is part of a coup against the Empress, leaving her vulnerable without the protection of the fleets 
  • Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Empress founded The Corsairs, a new fleet captained by disgraced ex-Mandate officers jailed for breaching the Articles of War. Reinstated under the promise of redemption, these veterans are the last hope of the Mandate 
  • You are a member of the Corsairs. With a small ship, you must move swiftly and make your way to the far reaches of Mandate space. Your mission - to discover the fate of the Grand Fleet and restore order to the outer systems
With that said the Mandate is currently at 80% of being funded. It has nine more days, and requires close to ninety thousand more to become reality. One Rule, No Quarter. Currently this one rule is, that Mandate must be funded. And I hope they succeed.

On their web page you can check out the character creation, create the starship to your own liking, or even head out for text-based adventure of a space-pirate's life. In general, you can check for yourself how awesome mandate is going to be.

Mandate Homepage
Mandate Kickstarter

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