Monday, 25 November 2013

LoL: One For All

One For All is a new mode in League of Legends. Currently, it is on trial. Limited Time Feature is what Riot calls it. Unlike the normal game, where at most there can be two of the same champions on the same map, and even that on opposite sides, One For All plays with the idea What if. What if we had two teams, in each only one champion, well times five.

When you enter the lobby there is first your usual banning process. After that though, it is in a manner of blind pick. You do not see what your opponent is picking, but you are not picking either. You are essentially voting. The champion that gets the most votes, is the one that the whole team is playing through the game. I guess it can be really fun. At least on paper.

I am looking forward to seeing a game of five Garens in my team. A thing that will probably never happen because the other four random people on my team always decide to pick some idiotic AP champion instead. Like Veigar for example.

What I think is the key in OFA, is the lowest common multiple. Instead of always trying to pick some champion that is so OP, as people like to think, you should pick a champion that is easy for everyone on the team to learn the mechanics quickly. Garen for example is a champion just like that. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Instead, people want to pick a random ability power champion with so many things to think about that you really lose yourself. And if you are stuck with a champion you have never played before in a role you have never ever even tried, it is not really a lot of fun. It is not engaging. You are slowly losing but because both teams are on the same level of incompetence more often than not, this means that the game will not last half an hour as it is thought to be average length time, it will last shy of an hour.

What is even better, with all people currently picking some ability power champion, Garen, or Tryndamere are natural counters. It is like throwing a wrench in otherwise well-oiled machine. No matter how good they are, they cannot adapt. The Ability power champions are always susceptible to high spikes of physical damage. How will they counter it? Will they build armour items? Great news, their damage potential just diminished greatly, and they changed this into a survival fight. Something where fighters of the top lane in general excel at.

in normal matches it is the fighters and tanks that draw the attention of the enemies while the AP champions and AD carries get to deal out punishment. In OFA this is not the case. There is nobody there to protect them from direct damage. It is a different game, a different mindset. The problem with AP is they always play as every man for himself. They do not know how to cooperate with others, because this is a concept foreign to most of AP champions.

After all, it is always everyone else working to ensure their survival, they still rely this would hold true in OFA. And this is where it comes to the dissonance. When five AP carries think the other four will protect them, they are just sheep waiting for slaughter, sitting ducks for voracious and merciless fighters of the top lane that for now do not get a chance to play in OFA. A thing I intend to change.

I am curious though. What would happen if all five players voted for a different champions? Would there be elimination rounds until one champion emerges victorious? What if there are two players for one champion, and two for the other, while the fifth player wants some other champion entirely? Does the fifth player get the swing vote, or do we go into elimination voting? More likely though, a computer decides which champion we end up playing and that is that. otherwise the opposing team might end up bored while we are in the middle of voting process, because we could not agree on anything before.

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