Friday, 6 December 2013

Crowd's Kick-off: Mandate Successfully Funded

Ah, it is hard to imagine how very excited I am about Mandate. How very glad I am they successfully finished their Kickstarter campaign. When I wrote the first time about Mandate the situation looked dire. Well, at least to me. Nine days to go, and they had to collect at least hundred and fifty thousand dollars. A lot of money.

But as campaign went they successfully broke their lower limit, and even gathered enough funds for the stretch goals. I would imagine that those stretch goals were something they were set to have in game, but in event that the budget would not allow it, would still be able to cut it out without impairing the rest of the game.

I am also excited, because not only did I help promote the game I like very much, but I helped it get funded as well. Thus, I am looking forward to having my copy of Mandate on the first day it comes to my nearest digital store. Praise the convenience, for it is a blessing some would say. It just occurred to me, that in my own arrogance, let us call it egocentrism, I could claim that one of the reasons Mandate got funded was because of my involvement. I will not say that it is because of that, but I can imagine that it is so.

To be honest, not that this would mean I was dishonest so far, with every update Perihelion releases, there is more to look forward to. I think this is the first game, that I even before playing it, am so excited that I wish to go through it twice. Once, as a loyal Captain of the Mandate, and once more as the greatest Pirate void of a Space has ever seen. In that second, or first game, whichever holds my fancy I intend to loot, pillage and amass as much dread and fortune through the galaxy as possible. I want to be the nightmare of the Mandate, Empire, and Rebels that none has ever seen. I want to be such a scourge to the rest, that they go jointly after me.

Sure, much of this could be attributed to hype. Or I might be convincing myself that my money thrown at Mandate might be a good investment in the future. Nonetheless, I think their setting is amazing. The Developers stated there will be even more factions, not just the current four, so this is really great. I love how they mix influence of the 19th century with the propaganda posters. It is really amazing.

Let us move on, otherwise I will be soon sounding like a parrot. Amazing this, amazing that. As I was playing around with the character creator that is available on the Homepage of the Mandate, I discovered that not only does each faction has its own reputations, but those reputations actually matter. For example, when I was deciding upon what were my decisions, I will tell you that I did not take the same route every time, but most of the events were same. And the consequences could differ drastically.

In one instance, I was accused only of dishonourable behaviour or some such, but in other I was charged with five different things that I could not even recall committing. The only answer I got to, was that they treated me this way because of my origins. Unlike loyal mandate soldiers in the first instance, my family had the reputation of anarchists, rebels, and everything else that Mandate looks down on.

This really surprised me, because it is a promise of sorts for a different approach than the regular black or white mentality that seems to plague the games. Sure there are exceptions, but this is what they are. Exception that proves the rule if you will.

With that I shall finish,
Astalnar, Knight of the Order of the Novy Petersburg

(you see how awesome this is?) :D

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