Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday Musings: The Things That Made Me Laugh

Today we will try something different. This post was inspired by Joseph Skyrim of JVT Workshop, and his post Today I Smiled Challenge. Instead of me writing lots of words, I will show you pictures instead. They say after all, that an image is worth a thousand words. That would in short mean that one image is worth as much as my average post, but today we are going all out. Not too much, but a fair amount of pictures from Hearthstone.

I noticed yesterday, that now the cards have a tool tip of sorts, when you look at them closer in your Collection tab. An entertaining one at that. Often a reference to some tidbit of lore, or something that players did. It is silly in its own Warcraft style. Without further ado, let us have some laughter. And I hope it brings chuckle out of you as it did out of me.

King Llane, King Terenas, those are the only two who were assassinated. But we have many more that were killed. So point stands.

Ask anyway, it is not like you are going to die because of it. Oh, you will. Never mind then.

There was a raid on Onyxia. Where things at some point went awry. You can see the whole thing in this video. Fair warning, there is a lot of rage, and a lot of crude language.

Paladins always took pride in having a number of tools for every situation. I just never realised how very seriously they meant that.
Grunting is not just a job, it is a tradition, a family occupation. It cannot be taught or learnt, you have to be born grunting to be a Grunt.
No, it really is an art. Yes of course there is beauty, but they focus more on the message itself. It is a mix of performance and painting, with a tiny bit of sculpturing involved. It is about touching the soul and mind of another living breathing being. Is that not what art is all about?


  1. Haha! I've never noticed those tool tips before! Thanks for sharing and sorry it took me so long before stumbling upon this post! :D

    1. I am glad you did. It was a pleasant surprise when I discovered them the first time for myself. I was trying to deduce witch card would be best to craft, but ended reading all the tooltips instead.


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