Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fury of the Lich Queen

This week's Community Blog Topic is an entertaining one. It plays well on all our creative spark, and I intend to take this opportunity and present the most ludicrous scenario that will probably never come to fruition.

Jaina sat quietly in her highest spire of Dalaran. Once beautiful city now falling to ruin thanks to ever more draconian rule of Jaina Proudmoore. Anyone who questions her dies, anyone who defies her smallest of quirks is first horribly tortured and then fed to mana wyrms. Vereesa finally realised what she did when she backed up Jaina and sent an envoy pleading for help to Alliance, Horde, Blood Elves, and even her own sister she hated more than everything.

Vol'jin sent them home, Varian had no patience to listen to the butchers of Menethil Harbour, he said his forces are preoccupied elsewhere, in truth, they were on vacation, one they earned after all years of blood and sorrow. It was one last vacation before the inevitable invasion of the Burning Legion of which they learnt from the stranded forces in Outland. Lor'themar spat in the face of the envoy, and asked why should they help the traitors of their own race? Sylvanas only laughed before she raised the envoy as one of her Dark Rangers.

When Jaina learnt of this betrayal, she destroyed what little remained of the High Elves. Now they indeed were extinct. (And we will never ever ever again hear why High Elves are not playable. Two birds with one stone) Everybody betrayed her, there was none she could trust. Arthas, Kael'thas, Thrall, Varian, Anduin, Kalecgos, Vereesa, they all betrayed her. Four out of seven names were already dead. The three remaining would be soon. The old location of Dalaran suited her greatly, the cold breeze that came from Storm Peaks did not bother her anymore.

After she absorbed all the power the blue dragonflight once possessed, most anything could do her nothing. She could hear the whispers, taunting her. Telling her to do what she was always meant to do. To ensure the peace on Azeroth. And how to do it better, then to subdue the whole world. She went all the way to Icecrown citadel, all the undead that guarded the new Lich King proved useless against her might. Bolvar struggled, but he could not do anything about her, he could not stop her.

As she donned the helmet, there were no voices. Only silence, first time after so long. The helmet transformed her, or maybe she transformed the helmet, it was not really clear, in any case it was a perfect fit. She attacked the remainder of Argent Crusade and  Ebon Blade, and then raised them under her command. She did the same with all the dead High Elves and people of Dalaran. After that, first fell Alexstrasza.

And this is how the expansion starts. Jaina goes berserk, for every injustice and fault that she suffered in all those years. We start the expansion with clensing the water sources that Jaina poisoned with her arcane magic. After that we have to deal with random portal shifts that release vast amounts of Mana Wraiths and demons on us.

The most effective weapon against these kind of threats turn out to be Spellbreakers and Demon Hunters. Thus a quick regime training for those willing is established and we get a dual blade wielding class with three specialisations Demon Hunter, Spellbreaker, and Blademaster.

Jaina moved Dalaran to the back of Azeroth and raised a whole new continent there. Naga, proved eager to help her endeavours to destroy the world. We will fight these undead and Naga through the new continent. Jaina named this new continent Proudmooria. There are seven zones, all named after the people that she thinks betrayed her in one way or another.

 First major raid, will once again be Kel'thuzad in Naxxramas. A tradition of sorts. This will be accompanied with Alexstrasza in her own raid. In the next patch, we will move against Vereesa and her forces constructing a mana-plague bomb that would destroy all living. Their target being Silvermoon, as these are the only mages still powerful enough to defy them.

After dealing with them, we will have an intermezzo with a random Old God that likes the way Jaina is thinking, and sends her its minions to stop our advance at her. Jaina throughout the expansion can appear from the portals mages produce and one shot them.

After this is done, and the Old God sealed away, or killed whichever we prefer or Bran Bronzebeard tells us, we finally get to lay siege on Dalaran. Now a vast city, full of all kinds of horrors and weaponry. Before we get to fight Jaina, we will have to deal with Kael'thas, Arthas, and Kalecgos. The three leaders of various districts. After we kill Jaina, Garrosh will appear out of thin air, and become the new Lich King, thus redeeming himself for everything he had done so far, and avoid death for another two or three expansions.

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