Monday, 2 December 2013

LoL: Penta Spin to Win

Since last week I was able to play a few more games in All for One mode of League of Legends. My goal, was to play with Garen. I thought it would be fun to play as Garen, and that, because of his durability he would be able to hold his own against most any other champion.

I have the luck of having friends that like Garen as well, and are usually not able to play him, because I call it first. So, when they heard my idea, the were ready to go along. We limited our Garen games on one per session. Otherwise there might soon be too much Garen in games, and people would start banning him. You might think this silly, but I find it very lucrative strategy.

I learnt quickly that the bans you choose in One for All should be very different from the bans in regular 5v5 game. This is because of nature of the bans. In the usual game, you ban in accordance to what will be most threatening to your team. In All for One, it is beneficial if you know in advance what your team will be playing. This way, you can ban the champions that could be a hard counter.

What I also noticed, is that while teleport is useful inn regular games, it is hardy a game changer. In One for All, I can say we lost a game playing Garens versus Sions, just because Sions had teleport, and we did not. I can say that, because we lost with the difference in kills somewhere above twenty in favour of team Garen. But as I often say, it is not about the kills, it is about the towers. And this, was where Sions dominated. While we chased individuals through the jungle like a pack of hungry wolves, the three others teleported to the same lane, as far from us as possible, and pushed it to oblivion.

I could also see how very powerful a team of otherwise not really menacing champion can be. In one such game, when we intended to play Garen, one of the randoms bailed on us, and we were sent back to lobby. The one that was banning now, was with us previously. As he did not want to play Garen, he banned him. For which I wish him to lose all and every game he ever plays against the Might of Demacia.

Now, being a good sport, we were not ready to just back down and choose some AP carry as he wished. We thought about the best way to humble this arrogant AP lover. We chose Blitzcrank. And we actually won that game.The ability to chain pull an enemy under a turret is really useful. It is like ensuring that the turret does all the work for you.

The last game I would like to talk about was Jarvan IV versus Brand. This was a fun game. We played as Jarvans, and initially thought they had us. The fear of them unleashing their ultimate all at once, while we helplessly jumped into our own death with our own ultimate was premature. We managed to dominate, and it was really funny seen fleeing Brand flashing from one Jarvan's ultimate, only to get trapped in two others in next second. The ability for other Jarvans to all use the banners of one another proved to be very valuable.

All in all, the trial period of One for All is now over. And I will miss it greatly. It proved to be very entertaining mode, that brought some life in otherwise stale state of the normal map. It brought back the variety, and sense of surprise. While I love to play on normal map, I loved One for All. People in general were a lot nicer, I cannot remember if I encountered a single person with bad attitude. And I hope this mode comes back.

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