Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wednesday Ruminations: NSA and World of Warcraft

So, in recent months we learnt that NSA really loves to spy not only on the rest of us, but also on their own citizens. So what else is new, some might ask. As if that was not enough, or better said, as if that surprised anyone at that point, they also spied on us wretches playing World of Warcraft, among others.

I mean really? You consider us, "heroes" of Internet who fight virtual dragons, and conquerors of digital planes, a threat?


Is it just me who finds this mind-boggling beyond belief?

I first intended to write something tongue-in-cheek of what everything I did in World of Warcraft over the years that NSA could consider a threat. All those raids, battlegrounds, and random times standing in fire and my raid leader shouting "Don't stand in the fire!" (It was not fire, it was Defile, but he did not care for that). I really did write a couple of paragraphs, before it hit me. Those wankers already know it. So why should I recapture it all here just for them? So I deleted it.

Then I tried to write about why this is such an absurd and waste of time, but it is just so stupid it does not merit a proper discussion. It is like an ugly sick pup not worth of a single breath of air, so it is strangled at birth. Some of you might be disgusted by this thought. This is exactly how I feel about this.

This is a complete waste of time, Mine, Yours, and that of an NSA.

I will keep this short. I will only recommend to those interested in the topic, to take a book written by Terry Eagleton, called Holy Terror. The book might make you chuckle, or even laugh. And it will at least be something worth laughing at, because we are well beyond the point of crying over the amount of stupid we are exposed to every day.

P.S.: I always thought that the point of espionage was that it stayed a secret, and that it actually served some real purpose rather than fighting the windmills.

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