Thursday, 2 January 2014

As WoW's New Year Resolutions Go..

I am not the one to ever make a new year resolution. Not because I would not believe in it, but because I find it naive. Why make a resolution about something for the new year, on the first day of new year? Why not make the resolution you were about to make, when you came up with it? And how many people fail in their resolutions only weeks after they decided upon them. This is weak, lazy, and half-hearted.

But that is my opinion and everyone is free to do as they please as far as I am concerned. As long as they do not hurt others. If you make a resolution, this means you will take the course of action and follow it through. We could say that this is why I do not make new year's resolutions. Or at least not lightly. But, few days ago, at WoW Insider, another Community Blog Topic appeared, this one asking about our WoW resolutions.

Here is my attempt at New Year's resolutions for the year of 2014 AD:

  • I will try and level my Forsaken Rogue that is still in level of single digits through all Forsaken questlines and zones.
  • Level up my Worgen Warrior to 90. It is just 4 levels, but it takes an eternity for no apparent reason.
  • I will try to be more patient toward bad players (and I do not mean noobs here, I am talking about the worst scum of the earth, ninjas, rudes, egotistical utilitarian maniacs that are ready to throw everybody into meat grinder just to get their reward)
  • Scratch previous resolution, that kind of players should burn in fire and suffer from carpal syndrome. And may their CAPS LOCK button die.
  • I will try and display more patience toward my fellow raiders in LFR, even though they at times make me question the existence of humanity and meaning of common sense
  • I will go easy on vote to kick button. Maybe the player just got disconnected and will be right back.
  • I will take break from WoW soon. I feel I am losing my interest, even though I will surely continue to play in next expansion. But for now, I will let my subscription run out. I only log in for a few hours in a week. As it stands this is not worth it. And most of my time is spent just goofing around one of the cities. I lack purpose, goal, and until I find a suitable objective, there is no reason to play the game.

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