Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cinematic Trailer of Elder Scrolls Online

Trailer is nice and all, but God almighty, is it long. It is not that I am complaining. Ok, I am. But where did you ever see a cinematic trailer as long as some short films? I thought the purpose of trailers was to interest you in the product, not in sucking all the interest out of you. The trailer is too long. The action sequences too short and distorted. I sometimes wish they would make trailers in which I can actually make sense of the combat. Beyond just somebody is hitting somebody.

That aside, Rock, Paper, Shotgun got their hands on the price of the game and the subscription fee. It is not cheap. £50 for the normal game, and then a subscription fee that is £9/€13/$15. I do not even want to know how much the collector's edition will cost. I will say it this way, if I ever had any interest in Elder Scrolls Online, it disappeared as soon as I saw the price for the game and subscription. This is too much. It seems though, that the developers are very confident and trust the quality of their game.

Either that, or they really want to make as much money as humanly possible before everyone starts pecking at them about what is missing and what is just broken. We will see what comes of it on the 4th of April...

I would wager that by the April 2015, Elder Scrolls Online will be free-to-play. In this day and age, their plan seems just too ludicrous to work as they imagine.


  1. Way too expensive for my tastes. The trailer is pretty good though, but it needs a bit of before hand knowledge like:

    -Those 3 "heroes" represent the factions fighting to control the imperial city.
    -The chain gang are daedra/dremora of Molag Bal, trying to pull the world into his realm.
    -Trust the Nord to go after the big monster. :P

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  3. From my first moment in game it is clear that TESO is the product of a measured and ongoing negotiation between opposing forces: the traditional MMO and the singleplayer game, ambition and technology, the demands of the community and the views of its designers. eso database


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