Friday, 3 January 2014

Crowd's Kick-off: Reset Successfully Funded

This is the reason why PC is Master race, suck it next-gen consoles
Ah, Reset successfully funded. Their campaign on the indiegogo ended on December 23. But I only checked their progress once I returned home. I was pleasantly surprised seeing that they were successful. It seemed for awhile they would fail in their endeavours to fund the game. I consider this a good start in 2014, and it must have been the best Christmas present Theory Interactive could have asked for.

Now to recollect. In Reset, you play as a robot, that is moving through what seems as an abandoned world, trying to reach some place with the help of you yourself. You are play the robot, and at same time you are helping yourself play the robot. Whoever just read this is either confused, or thinks me mad. It is time travel. Not the usual kind we are used to, going back and forth and changing how things work, but instead a micro time-travel of sorts.

You do one thing, record it, and then go back in time and wait for this event to take place. When it does, you take the opportunity and help yourself to progress by the actions you did seconds ago yourself as they now unfold before your very eyes. It is an interesting concept. The game looks beautiful, and the music is just amazing.

This is what I want of game, it is night, but I can still see everything
The game will also support the Oculus Rift, but that is of little concern to me. I am either getting old and stuck in the old ways, or the thing is just not that impressive. Truth, I have not had the chance to give it a try. And if it actually becomes a thing in the future, it will take years before I test it, but I guess it is good that some developers are willing to take the risk. Even though these days only studios that do take the risks are indies.

All in all, Reset has been successfully funded, and it should be out by the end of 2014.

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