Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Musings: First Snow

Yet although the senses sometimes deceive us about objects that are very small or distant, that doesn’t apply to my belief that I am here, sitting by the fire, wearing a winter dressing-gown, holding this piece of paper in my hands, and so on. It seems to be quite impossible to doubt beliefs like these, which come from the senses.
- Descartes, First Meditation
What Descartes wrote so many years ago seems so very appropriate today. Yesterday fell the first snow of this winter. It could be said, that until now we had a really long autumn that lasted almost until the end of January.  I walked in snow up to my knees, today I do not even want to go outside. Inside is warm and comfy, while outside something between snow and ice is falling from the sky. Not very inviting sight.

I was never one to really enjoy the joys of winter and snow. I liked the appearance of the new snow, but I was never a fan of everything else that came with it. Cold, shovelling, bitter cold, more shovelling. Not my thing. That said, I always loved how the winter zones were done in games. Particularly in World of Warcraft, if I had to count down my favourite zones, I am sure that among them would be Winterspring, Wintergrasp, and Storm Peaks.

I especially love Storm Peaks. In my opinion no other zone can really compare to it. The feelings of nostalgia and melancholy are entwined in the zone from the first step you make towards the highest peaks of Northrend.

Snow in games brings the aura of antiquity. Of secrets long forgotten, of adventures that never were. Snow is probably so enticing, because it naturally covers everything. Leaves everything for us to discover on our own. Snow is the tool of romantics, dreamers who seek adventure and good story. Whose imagination takes over too fast and leads them on a quest of their own.

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