Thursday, 30 January 2014

Hearthstone: Paladin Rush

In my experience with playing a Paladin deck, you either win, or you lose horribly. There is no middle ground where you could actually say it was a "good game". More often than not, you will blame it on the luck, opponent, bad card-draw or any other convenient excuse. With that said, I present you my version of Paladin Swarm. More appropriate name would be Rush instead of Swarm, although swarm is one of the abilities of this deck. The damage is already done, and we have to live with it.

The idea behind the deck is that you always have something on the board. You should accept that your opponent will most probably clear your board. You are just there to make him make wrong choices. Every minion you play is there for your opponent to destroy. And any minion your opponent fails to destroy will live another turn to deal as much damage as possible. There is no grand strategy involved. You need to fill your board in a way that will make your opponent hesitant about attacking you.

In order for that to work, you have Consecration, Hammer of Wrath, and Truesilver Champions. Use those cards to remove any enemy taunts, anything else is not worth bothering. You have Aldor Peacekeeper to bring down any enemy minion that is becomng too big of a pain to deal with. Your shaved knuckles in the early game are Flesheating Ghoul, and Questing Adventurer. In mid game, you have Frostwolf Warlord, and if it comes to late game, you already lost. Good game.

Jokes aside, do not spare any cards. Whatever you can, play it. Be smart about though. Do not use Blessing of Kings on a minion if you will not attack with that minion this turn, this is a waste, and a target too easy to focus on for your opponent. Most of the cards will buff the attack or life of one or more of your minions. If you ever played Magic, imagine this as a red/white deck. It is about being aggressive, early blitz. With this deck, you are fighting a lightning war, if you prolong the game, winter will catch up, and you will be stuck in snow.

You can find the deck here.

The cards that are in the deck:
In short, aim for fast game, rarely can you afford to prolong the game with this deck.

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