Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Hairstyles and Beards

Van Dyke for Blood Elves

This is a wishlist. Of sorts. I cannot help myself. Ever since Blood Elves were totally and certainly confirmed for a facelift as well in Warlords of Draenor, I was thinking and musing what kind of haircut and beard could they get (if any), as the new hairstyles were confirmed as well. Even new skins were discussed.

I will start with Blood Elves. They really need more facial hair options. Nothing extravagant, just a simple addition of a couple of short beards that include moustaches, such as van dyke, balbo, and imperial. Some simple moustache in style of dali, and pencil would not hurt either. I think the Blood Elves have a plethora of hairstyles to choose from, but if ever comes to it, there are some Night Elven hairstyles that could go along very well. Thinking about it, They could borrow the imperial style of beard from Night Elves already, and van dyke from Draenei.

Forsaken need beards. It is a bit sad we do not see any of the undead wearing the pitiful remains of his facial hair around. It seems most were so horrified by it, they just cut it down. In any case, Forsaken could have any beard that humans already have, but it would be dirtier, greasy, and thin. Some long beard options for the Forsaken could not hurt either.

Sure I lack lower jaw, but I still want a beard. I lack a stomach as well, and yet I eat... brains...

Tauren could actually use a hairstyle to include their manes as well, it is just silly that when you play the Tauren, you almost do not see his head from the hump of his neck. Goblins on other hand, could use a bit of wackiness that Forsaken, Orcs and Gnome hairstyles posses.

Trolls could use beards like the ones that Vol'jin wears since his new model came out. They could also use at least one hairstyle that does not remind me on a crow hiding everything shiny in her nest every time I see a Troll. They could share more hairstyles with Goblins and Orcs. It would give them much needed variety while still maintaining their mysticism and wilderness.

Funnily enough, I do not think I have any special requests when it comes to Orcs. Normally I would say moustache, but the lore says they are phisically incapable of growing any facial hair above the upper lip and under the nose. While on other hand, we do have drawings of High Elves of old, now Blood Elves sporting a rather lengthy beards. I am stating this, just so that you can see my modesty. I do not want for long beards, I would settle for an addition of moustaches in the case of Blood Elves. And now I am rambling..

Superiority of Dwarves lies not in their craftsmanship, but in their beards

On to the Alliance and humans. They need to get long beards. We can already see Khadagar having a long white beard, and also if you go to the Old Hillsbrad Foothills, you can see a wandering old obese mage walking around with his young apprentice on the road. So, this would be nothing new. After that, having more extravagant beards copied from Night Elves, Blood Elves and Draenei would not hurt either. But I suspect humans do not have chin pointy enough to actually pull it through. As for the hair, having the laurel wreath the dwarves have might be fun.

Draenei and Night Elves could both use a bit more variety. Draenei could really have longer beards like Prophet Velen. I would imagine that after ten thousand years they would at some point really get tired o shaving and just let their beards out. As for the Night Elves, they could use a bit more "tribal" looking hairstyles. I mean having braids and such, and more variety among beards.

As I do not have really any kind of opinion of Gnomes, I cannot say what they lack. The same goes for the Dwarves with the exception that I consider they are well rounded already. They might have fun with mohawks and similar styles.

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