Thursday, 16 January 2014

New WoW Class: Sapper

This week's Community Blog Topic is about pitching your new class for the World of Warcraft. As I was thinking about it, I almost started writing another post why we need Demon Hunters. Well, Demon Hunters will have to wait, I already gave them enough attention to at least last a year, or more. Today, I will try to present you a Sapper.

Class name: Sapper
Maximum armour class: Mail

  • Mecha: Tank spec, uses his giant robot mechs in order to protect his allies
  • Laser: Heal spec, Primary stat would be Intellect
  • Demolition: DPS spec, using Guns, and Crossbows (ordinary bows are just too simple, and barbaric)
The inspiration came from reading Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series. I am currently reading the second book of the series, and I am having a blast. Probably one of the best moments, are those that involve the Engineers. Aside from that, I always liked the mentality of Warcraft's own engineers. Borderline crazy, maniacs, ready to risk it all just to discover a way how to make their next BOOM even bigger than the last one in which they probably lost a leg, an eye, and half of their hand. Not to mentions some rather annoying itch on their back and burns on the remaining leg.

The Sappers would take this one step further. They would be combat-ready specialists that deal with all kinds of hand made devices of destruction, mayhem, and chaos. Bombs, gizmos, laser rays, mechanical angry chicken, that is what Sappers are all about.

As a special class feature, Sappers would require to select what limb they would be missing. They replace it with a mechanical one, and they can choose between variety of options. Hands, legs, feet, arms. They would need to choose at least one limb missing. This limb, could never be covered by armour. They could then choose the replacement in form of a laser ray arm, steel claw hand, bazooka boot, or gnomish army knife. Aside from that, they could, if they so choose, pick one or a combination of parts of face missing. An eye, ear, or nose, or lower jaw. If they chose any of this, it also gets replaced by a rather wonderful mechanical prosthetic.

It should be noted that one is not born a Sapper, but rather one is blown into being a Sapper. To become a really good sapper it is paramount to experiment, and in order to finish the experiment and learn from mistakes, one must pay the price, thus not repeating the same mistake ever again. Any good sapper (you can read, any Sapper of venerable age) can tell you that key in their long life was not making same mistake more than once.

Sappers understand better than anyone else ever could, that in order to become better at anything, you need to make mistakes, not actively seek them, but acknowledge there will be mistakes and prepare accordingly. Internally they call this Murp's law. While some ascribe this law to the great Goblin Sapper called Kagh Bum Murp, who is said to have lived through more than three different spontaneous combustions, others tell that this was something that came with a gnomish inventor named Gust de Morgh.

Each school teaches its own version and it is very hard to distinguish which one is the real. Some even claim they were both right, and they both came to same conclusion at the same time, without knowing for each other. But this is rather a long and old academic debate that is for now better left aside, in order to present what Sappers would do.

In Mecha specialisation, Sappers would be using close-quarters weapons; fist weapons, swords, axes, maces, daggers. Their weapons are there only for stats in any way. Their main weapon is their mech, that gives them the real power to protect their allies and incinerate their enemies. And shoot all kinds of rockets, poison gas clouds and other nefarious things at their victim of choice.

Lasers would use staves, and staves only. They need staves to channel their healing beams. In much their arsenal would be healing beams, healing granates, flashbangs, radiation waves, and various untested mutagenic potions. It should be said, that Laser Sappers do not conform to the role of a group healers because they love to help others. Their reasons are much more pragmatic. Battlefield is an excellent testing ground for all not strictly legal... concoctions. And test subjects are very willing and ready to take everything without asking any of the pesky questions regarding safety.

Demolition Sappers are the heart and soul of destruction. They would use bombs, traps, explosive charges, mines, rockets and many, many other ways in which to spread the mayhem and wanton destruction. Fire would be their ally, smouldering cinder their remains. Their ranged weapon, is there to send the destructive charges at enemies form a safe distance. If there ever was such thing as a safe distance around Sappers.

The races that could become Sappers include Goblins, Gnomes, Forsaken, Humans, Blood Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and Trolls. The other races either hold too much respect for life, and nature, or cannot stand the smell of chemicals. In case of Pandaren though, the Sappers Conglomerate concluded that teaching them about vast ways of destruction would be rather too dangerous, as the Pandaren are deemed to dangerous (read clumsy). As much as the Conglomerate loves good Ka-BOOM, they still require a world to do their job. Pandaren are just bad for business.

While some Gilneans showed initial interest, it became obvious they cannot stand the strains of such a hard life. More than one Worgen was squished inside of his mech when he joined the combat. The investigation is still ongoing, but no conclusive results are expected. The only given conclusion was, that Worgen and tech do not mix well. Tauren politely, but with a visible concern refused the invitation, while Night Elves started gibbering something about holiness of some bush. Their gibbering stopped rather quickly as one of the demonstration Sappers introduced them to his incineration gun paired with a weapon named Beaverstick.

Draenei showed some interest, but then started talking about some weird, and quite frankly strange concepts as physics, thermodynamics, and similar worlds that are quite hard to recall, and even harder to pronounce. Thus, Sappers Conglomerate decided not to bother with them, if they mean to change things so drastically.

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