Monday, 13 January 2014

Nothing to Write About

I started writing about three different subjects today. Every time I would write three paragraphs I would delete it all, and then start anew. Somehow nothing I wrote felt worth publishing. My thoughts were a mess, the message convoluted. It is frustrating, as usually I can write pages upon pages without even thinking what to write next. But today. Today is different. It might be weather, or something else that I just cannot pinpoint for the life of me.

So I am writing about how I am unable to write. Really meta. Bravo myself. I should probably work at Ubisoft, with that level of meta, I would fit in nicely.
In other news, I was losing most of my matches in Hearthstone against an army of Ragnaroses. Every enemy that crossed my path had Ragnaros in his deck. One priest managed to conjure a couple of them just to spite me. 

I also tested how things fare in Bloodbowl. I am new to the game. But one thing I am painfully aware is that I make mistakes. Thus I settled that I do not need to win, as long as I at least get a draw. I was playing with the Human team. I like their mobility and durability. Humans are Jack of all trades, master of none in Bloodbowl. My results were not amazing, I was a bit disappointed. 

I play the campaign on medium difficulty. One draw, and defeat. The draw was against the Vampires, while I lost against Humans. Had I not goofed around I would win against vampires and probably against Humans as well. I am about to play my third game and this one against Elves. Let us just say I have been postponing it for a couple of days now. Greed as it turns out is not good. If you can score, you should score. You can beat the enemy team while they have the ball.

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