Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Return of Alleria and Turalyon

We have been hearing about those two for years now. At every lore panel at Blizzcon someone is sure to ask: "When will we see Alleria and Turalyon?". It is one of those questions you start worrying about if it is not asked. There are numerous threads on forums about those two regarding their doings, past, future, and various speculation on when will we finally get to see them.

This here is a speculation of my own. For all I care, we could call it my wishful thinking. But before we focus on all that, first we need to say a word or two about the pair itself. It all started with the coming of Second War... When you dabble in lore of Warcraft, you will notice that the Second War is a turning point in history for quite a lot of events that took place. From the destruction of Draenor to creation of Paladin order.

Turalyon was one of the first Paladins. Lies, what am I saying? He was one of the first Paladins. Besides that, he was also second in command of Anduin Lothar. He defeated Orgrim Doomhammer in a fashion of Isildur. (he also did not kill Orgrim, but took him in captivity, from which the crafty Warchief later managed to escape). And later, he led an expedition to Draenor from which he never returned.

Alleria was the old, experience veteran of the Troll Wars. Sources differ, but for the sake of the argument, we will say she was predecessor of Sylvanas Windrunner, her younger sister, as Ranger-General of Quel'Thalas. In the Second War she showed her Windrunner side, when the Orcs allied with the Amani Trolls and burned the forest of Quel'Thalas. You know the saying: Hell hath no fury like elven woman... In short, she hated orcs. If anyone is ready to pronounce Sylvanas evil now, as Banshee Queen, then Alleria deserved the title while she was still on Azeroth.

After the two joined the expedition in trying to close the Dark Portal, they ended up stranded on the shattered Draenor that would with time be called Outland. I am only skimming the story here, to get to what I think relevant. For those interested in gritty details wowpedia is your friend.

Now, we know those two are not on Outland, and they most certainly are not on Azeroth. On any continent we know so far. And if there appears another misterious continent on Azeroth, they will probably not be there either. I would imagine that Alleria as an experience ranger would know how to navigate by stars, and would be able to recognise Azeroth's starry sky no matter her location. They would build a raft by now and be home. Thus, those two are not on Azeroth.

They will not be on the alternate version of Draenor we will visit in Warlords of Draenor either. The people of alternate Azeroth still have not experienced the First War (I should really come around and write about this time travel mumbo jumbo). This leaves the question, where are those two then? More importantly though, when will we finally see those two and with whom will they side?

If one thing is for sure, we will not see Alleria and Turalyon in Warlords of Draenor. Still not their time I guess. We will probably see them when either demons invade, or we send an army trying to root the evil out at its source. My guess is that the two are killing demons on one of their homeworlds, however ludicrous this sounds.

When we see them, they will probably be neutral. I would love the other way around making it as tragic as possible, but we already have one Windrunner sister on the Alliance, and the other on the Horde side. It is only natural that the remaining sister chooses her own side and stays out of this fight, when there are bigger things to fight. Turalyon on other hand is a Paladin. And after fighting demons for so long, he is old, wizened man that does not really care much for either Orcs or Humans. He has a greater picture to look out for.

So, in one scenario they are both neutral, a shining beacon of hope, rallying banner around which others can set around their differences and fight some demons. Now, let us look at some more tragic options. In this scenario, Turalyon and Alleria split. Alleria pronouncing her allegiance for Blood Elves, and the Horde, while Turalyon stays with the Alliance. Some would disagree with this scenario, but it is one I like best.

Alleria is a Windrunner, and what that means, is that they often shoot before they think. If she hears a human devastated her kingdom, desecrated the Sunwell, which led to near-extinction of her kind, she will not take it lightly. In her eyes, this would be: "I helped you guys against the orcs, went on a suicide mission through the Dark Portal, and while I am gone, you go and destroy my people!"

High/Blood Elves are a fickle things. More than to anyone else, they are always loyal to their people first. This is why the remnants of High Elves are so hated by the Blood Elves, and the other way around. They see the elves still calling themselves High Elves as betrayers. And imagine some mentions to Alleria what happened in Dalaran under Jaina's rule, and she would probably shoot an arrow from the Dark Portal directly at Jaina sitting in Dalaran.

In third scenario, Alleria encounters Sylvanas, and either replaces her as the Banshee Queen, or is forced to join her Forsaken. In any case, Alleria becomes Forsaken. Turalyon is devastated by the loss of his love, but vows to bring her peace and sets out to kill her. Depending on how he goes about it, he could end up as a faction leader, or a raid boss.

In fourth, and probably last, and least likely scenario Turalyon is dead, and Alleria joins the Alliance leading the armies against whatever threat is currently most dangerous. I do not like this last scenario, as it is too, well, not enough Warcrafty if you know what I mean. Warcraft is fun, dark, silly, at times tragic (more often than not), but rarely if ever is it just simple. Usually there is always more than meets the eye in Warcraft.

If you have theories of your own, please share them in the comments, and feel free to poke holes at mine if you notice any

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