Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to Paladin and Nostalgia

At times I cannot but reminisce over the good old days of fame and glory. Even though nothing was as ever as epic as I recall it to be, or as grand as the passage of time makes it appear. I blame pre-expansion blues. This strange lull, when there is no new content on the horizon, but we know what is coming in the Autumn/Winter. As I was thinking of these good old days, I recalled a series of videos of How to paladin.

If you watch the video, and then find any other in the series, I think there is over forty of them, you might appreciate my effort of trying to find the first video I watched in the How to Paladin series. All because I remembered how Shepiwot, the hero of this series, is dancing around Shattrath.

I always loved these videos. To me, they seemed to capture the essence of World of Warcraft has come to be. Having fun, no matter what everyone else thinks of it. The particular video does not in any way really stand out from the rest. Formula is pretty much the same throughout the whole series. I would say XVI stays true to its roots, while some other parts deviate from the form from time to time.

Maybe it is a nostalgia factor for me. Seeing how the world looked back then. A lot of blessing, jumping, dancing, and furious attacking of the unsuspecting mobs. It was fun. The final frontier, to be paladin. To know how to paladin. I was always looking a bit down on the new Paladins who joined our paladining after the Wrath of the Lich King.

I considered them, well not really noobs, but not True, if you know what I mean. Those were the people that played a Paladin after it became viable. We, the "old guard" played Paladins when they were more of a joke, or later only partially viable. It is not that I am complaining. In many ways we were masochists, we loved to play our class, so we did. No matter what everyone else was saying. We always tried to prove everyone wrong.

Or at least I like to think it was like that. Being a paladin back in the day was a damned stubbornness and sheer will. The worst thing you could say to a Paladin back in the day, was that he cannot do it, and the stubborn mule was dead set on proving you wrong. it seems we lived to prove anyone wrong back then. And maybe it is just rose-tinted glasses. Actually, a comparison to mule is not as far fetched as it appears... Paladins were stubborn, sturdy, and had more sustain and survivability than anyone else.

In short, the video is entertaining, I consider it a piece of art for its form and persistence. And I feel like glorifying the good old days. Only that in my case, these good old days are Burning Crusade and not vanilla. You could say I am not True enough myself. :D

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