Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Power of Transmog: Viridian Knight

For the longest of times I thought it impossible to make a decent transmog out of green pieces of armour. I thought it impossible because the different hues of green never matched, green was the detail colour, or I just had misfortune of not coming across of a lot of green coloured plate. But as I was able to see the transmog Ilmyrn wore, I felt like trying again, taking his own transmog for the basis.

The thing with this armour set is that it can be worn by any of the three plate-wearing classes, Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights. It has a bit of sinister feel to it. The part where a bit of experimentation will be required are pauldrons, as my variant includes a Horde specific quest reward. There are alternatives, but they are more, well more Alliance to be frank. If you expect Horde to be all about spikes, then Alliance should be all about clean armour without spikes and things threatening to poke an eye out of a fellow soldier standing next to you.

This armour set is perfect for any kind of a adventure in heavily forested zones. From Jade Forest to Ashenvale, wherever you go you should merge with your surroundings, and still be able to deliver quick and deadly blows to your enemies while staying under the guise of the forest. You can check the full set here.

Good alternatives for cloak, helm, pauldrons, weapons, and tabard:

I noticed that if you have a Klaxxi Tabard, or any other green tabard with golden lining in fact, Aegis of the Sunbird fits well with the armour set. Now, to the most important question. How do you obtain the pieces required to complete the set?

Some of the pieces drop in the Tempest Keep, others from Serpentshrine Cavern. A few can be crafted, while couple of them are quest rewards. I believe most of those that are quest rewards have an alternatives that drop from random mobs. I think only Treads of the Unchained Hate drop from the current raid tier, that is Siege of Orgrimmar, and even those drop from LFR. 

So besides a bit of patience and small frustration upon realisation that you already completed all the quests and disenchanted or sold some pieces, there should be no problems in obtaining this armour set. And it should prove an interesting choice in my opinion.

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