Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rites of Passage; New Warcraft Holiday

This week we have another Community Blog Topic, this one, asking what new Holiday would we introduce to World of Warcraft and on what it would be based. To be honest, I think most of the major holidays are well covered. The problem I have with holidays in WoW, is that once you get your purple dragon, there is no real incentive to participate in any of them beyond trying to collect all the remaining mounts. I will get you one day too, Big Love Rocket...

First I thought I would write about Masquerade, a holiday based on the Carnival of Venice. As I started thinking about it though, I came to conclusion that someone else is bound to come up with the idea of Carnival, although it might be based on Rio de Janeiro. Thinking on it, we already do have one major holiday in World of Warcraft where we wear masks, that is Hallow's End. Thus I concluded March would need another holiday. I decided on Rites of Passage.

What was first envisioned as a serious Holiday, based upon Romans and how they approached the festivities in March, soon turned into something else entirely. March you see, was a month of beginnings for Romans. This was when their military campaigns started, when farmers started farming, and the whole month consisted of more holidays than days of work. It was one holiday after another. Thus I thought, we could have a holiday of sorts, that is two weeks of wargames, and rites of passage.

Instead, the idea grew into something else on its own. It became very Pratchettarian as I started to put down the details. It is fun to read, but well, lets call it most difficult to accomplish.

Rites of Passage, as I would call this holiday would take place between 8th and 22nd of March. Thus it is right between Love is in the Air, and Noblegarden. During this holiday daring adventurers would embark on epic journey across Azeroth to obtain the items that would prove their worthiness, and let them pass the Rites. Such items would be a Dry Cloth from Ocean's Bottom, Lie of Many Colours, and Horn of Hornless Old Hag.

The search would take them across all the continents of Azeroth, both known and unknown. Most of the items would be located on still undiscovered continents. There would be number of clues pointing to Outland, and they would need to fish for hours in the backest of the backwaters Azeroth can offer. Searching for the next clue. It would be fun, if the clues for every player would be randomly generated, thus the Holiday stays actual even years after it would first appear.

Achievement: Better Luck Next Time
Fail to complete Rites of Passage at least once, during the duration of the holiday.

Achievement: First Clue
Obtain the first clue, toward finding an item of interest.

Achievement: Second Clue
So, you are still searching, fine, here is the Achievement.

Achievement: You Did it?
Complete the Rites of Passage without failing the first time.

Achievement: It is Giants, I tell you!
Challenge a random group of Windmills on a duel.

Achievement: You cannot always beat them...
Lose a duel against Windmill.

Achievement: Sidetracked
You have gotten sidetracked from your main quest. Hope it was worth it. Probably not.

Achievement: Are We There Yet?
Ask yourself why are you doing this.

Achievement: Achieving Impossible
Stock all items you fish during the Rites of Passage in your Void Storage. All, even the worthless poor and common quality items.

Achievement: I don't need it anymore
Sell your favourite mount you already learnt and used back to the merchant.

Achievement: Lost and Found
Find the Dry Cloth from Ocean's Bottom, Lie of Many Colours, and Horn of Hornless Old Hag, and return the items to their original owners.

Achievement: The Title
You earned the title of all titles, you are now Title <insert name>. May others tremble, for you achieved what others would not. To earn this achievement, you must gather all the others relevant achievements during one Rite of Passage.

During the Rites of Passage, three new NPCs appear. First is the Old Man, who lost his Dry Cloth, that is now on Ocean's Bottom. You can find the Old Man on his small boat, close to any beach, but just beyond the reach of fatigue.

The second NPC is a Gear Demon. He stalks the player with the highest gear score, and whispers to their ear how awesome they are, how nobody else contributes to the encounter. To appease the demon, you must return to it with its Lie of Many Colours.

The last, but not least, is the Hornless Old Hag. This is Jaina Proudmoore. She is not this yet, but will become in a couple of years. Two expansions, give or take. The location of all three NPC is dynamic, they always move in unpredictible fashion, and are untrackable.

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