Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Nature of Light

What is Light? Where does it come from? Where does the Light reside? Is the Light what we would otherwise consider for a God? To where does the power of Light extend? Is anything outside of its reach? Is everything withing the reach of the Light? What is the opposite? Who believes in Light?

Those are just some questions that I want to answer ever since I started writing posts about new races becoming Paladins. I dabbled a bit in each of the posts about the nature of the Light, but I think we need to clarify it. To determine once and for all the extent and power of the Light. Otherwise we are just circling around the issue as some cat would around a bowl of hot milk.

Before I start explaining what Light is, it would be good to determine what Light is not. We will go down the same list of attributes that are most commonly attributed to the Judeo-Christian God. Why that is, you ask? Well, I would consider that the One True God is the main inspiration for the Light in Warcraft. But that is my own opinion. If you do not agree with that, we can say that these are just the most common attributes ascribed to the being of higher power.

First of all, we need to determine what Light is. And to keep things simple, we should first define if the Light is alive or not. To be alive, it would require of Light to be a being. As we do not have any proof that Light itself is a being, we can for now assume it is not alive. That does not mean the Light is dead. It could mean that Light is just beyond such "simple" matters as life and death. What we can though establish, is that Light is an entity. Thus, we can consider the Light a Power. I personally prefer the term entity because it does not offer any jumps to premature conclusions.

What we did establish is that Light is real. It exists. It is nigh impossible to deny its existence, when its doings are quite obvious and can be witnessed as manifestations through its followers. We will return to them at later point. Now to other attributes of Light.

It would be best to just ask one question at a time. Is Light omnipotent? That is an interesting question. I think this is one of my favourite sentences to any question. But leaving that aside, we do not really have any information that could verify the claim that Light is in fact all-powerful. The reason for that is, that the Light is very atheistic in this respect. As we concluded earlier, the Light is not a being, it is an entity, from which its followers draw. Because it is an entity, it cannot be omnipotent. If it was a being, then the answer might be different. But even in that case, it would only be a speculation. One that we might never really chase down to the conclusion. It might be, or it might not be.

Next question, that naturally follows omnipotence is, is Light omnibenevolent? To that answer could be affirmative. For one, Light does not make any difference between between its followers. Some might use its powers for good, some for more shady reasons. Light does not care, as long as the faith, or conviction of an individual is strong enough, Light will be available to all. Now, some will say, that omnibenevolent means all-loving. How can Light love all, when I just said it does not really care. Light might love all equally, and in that definition of love, falls indifference as well.

Is Light omniscient, all-knowing? Light itself, no. I would dare say that our definition of relationship between the Light and its worshippers if flawed from the very start. And we should redefine this first, to even talk about the Light. But if we did that, we would transform the Light into a common tool on our disposal, while in fact, the followers of Light are its tools. And if we take that Light is omnibenevolent, and all living beings its tools, than we must assert that to some degree, the Light is omniscient. Even if the Grand Design is obscured from our view, and only few rare individuals are able to glimpse at what might come to pass in future.

Because we defined the Light as an entity, it is safe to assume it has no beginning or end. It is eternal. It always was, is, and will be. What that means, is that it has no beginning and no end. It is older than order, chaos, good, evil, titans, and demons. The Light is, we could say beyond space and time itself. And at the same time it is ever and omnipresent.

The remaining qualities we need to determine are creator, sustainer, and if the Light is perfectly free. This is where things get tricky. For all we know, the Light might just be the Aristotle's Unmoved mover of all things. Prima Causa, the beginning of all. The one thing that made all else possible. But this, is pure speculation. It might be so, or it might not. We will probably never really find a definite answer to that question. The question, if the Light sustains all life, and if life would cease to exist without the Light is the same as the previous one. We do not know. It might be so or it might not.

It is to be said, that when we talk about the Light in this manner, the Light is far above all forces in the Universe. No Spirits of Nature, Titans, demigods, or Old gods can even compare to it. I will go in detail about this later, for now, you will just have to humour me.

The last question that needs an answer is focused around the freedom of the Light. If we take that Light is everything we just said it is, then it is given that Light is free. That said, it could be that we, as we are, are just not able to comprehend the Light as is. The Light could probably do whatever it pleases, and we might never notice it doing anything. Simply because it is far beyond our own comprehension of what Light is.

To sum this up, and say in short what Light is. Light is an entity of significant, if not unimaginable power. Its existence is unquestionable, and true. From what we can determine, the Light is omniscient ,and omnibeneavolent. This might mean that it cares for all life, yet does not show this in any way. The Light is perfectly free. The qualities of which existence in Light we are not certain, but are still possible are omnipotence, the quality of sustainer, and power of creation. Those three could be true, or not. There is not enough proof to either confirm of deny the existence of these three qualities in the Light.

As this is getting rather lengthy, I will stop here for now. Next time, I aim to examine how people approach the Light, and what are general beliefs about it on Azeroth, and beyond. And how the Light actually works.

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