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Evolution of Garrosh

Garrosh, son of Grom Hellscream, proud warchief of the Horde. And now, a prisoner awaiting his trial. Garrosh was always a character people had strong feelings about. Especially those of us who played Horde. Alliance, I take by default hates all the Horde, so they do not count. But Garrosh was not despised only by the Alliance playerbase. Hell, I play Horde, and I thought he was just a whiny grunt who did not know where his place is.

We first met Garrosh crying in Nagrand. By some weird coincidence the greatest ninny of all times was in charge of the Horde village called Garadar. Just our luck. As the crybaby Garrosh was far from capable of doing anything of worth, we ended up cleaning most of the mess that appeared during our stay in Nagrand. We also met Saurfang the Younger, son of the legendary High Warlord Saurfang. Unlike Garrosh, Saurfang did at least stand on his own and showed a potential to surpass his old man.

Believe me, Garrosh we first met.. If Grom Hellscream saw him, he would probably strangle him with his bare hands. Screaming in rage how such a coward dares use his name of Hellscream. Daddy Grom was never a patient sort. Grom was a killer. Mean, lean, tall, and charismatic. Half of the Warsong clan probably feared Grom more than they did all the demons of the Abyss.

In short, it took as awhile, but finally we got Thrall to visit Nagrand, where he convinced Garrosh that Grom did not doom the orcs, but instead brought them salvation. I blame the poor translation, Thrall was after all raised by humans. Somewhere in Thrall's story about Grom something was misinterpreted, and Garrosh found his confidence, and wished to become like his father.

Just so you know, Grom was a legend. And it was for the good that he stayed in the past among legends, because one more Grom could be the end of Azeroth. Seriously, was there ever an orc as blatantly bloodthirsty to see a demigod, Cenarius, and first thing that he thinks of is to kill him?

Anyway, back to Garrosh and his new found confidence. As Thrall took him back to Orgrimmar Garrosh started showing his childish side once again. It went so far that Garrosh challenged Thrall for the position of Warchief. As they fought, their duel was cut short with a timely intervention of attack on Orgrimmar by the forces of the Lich King.

In order to feed the wolf and let goat go unharmed, Thrall agreed with sending an army to Northrend campaign. Garrosh was put in charge of the whole thing, is advisor was Saurfang the Elder, while the Saurfang the younger led the vanguard. Young Saurfang unfortunately died at the Wrathgate because of the betrayal of a faction of Forsaken who thought the best timing for turning on their allies was when they were attacking the Lich King.

Well, to be honest Putress and his/her, I am never really sure when it comes to Putress and its followers miscalculated as Lich King got away, and both Alliance and Horde were pretty angry. Varian even went as far as wanting to reclaim the Lordaeron for the Alliance, as if. In any case, during the Northrend campaign Garrosh allegedly matured a bit. Allegedly, because he was baiting Varian at every opportunity he got. And because Varian was entering his mid-life crisis, the baiting usually worked.

As Arthas finally gave up on the world, and Garrosh felt pretty good about himself, bringing news of victory from the cold northern front, Thrall let him take over. The former warchief decided it was a good time for some vacation and went to Outland, to commune with elements and hit on the local babes of Garadar. Meanwhile, Cataclysm happened.

That was not all, Garrosh's campaign in central Kalimdor happened as well. And it was going pretty well until Jaina decide she did not like neutrality any more , and decided to open the second front in Southern Barrens. We can argue all you want, but the fact remains, Alliance soldiers in Southern Barrens are not wearing a blue tabard with golden lion, they are wearing the golden anchor of Theramore. Just like the one Alliance players got for completing Fall of Theramore scenario.

In any case, as Garrosh planned to conquer the world, and Deathwing planned to destroy the world, Alliance tried to stop Garrosh from conquering, and Deathwing from destroying. Horde on the other hand tried to conquer, and prevent Deathwing destroying what they conquered. When you think of it, a sound strategy. But Theramore was becoming ever more serious threat. So Garrosh decided to flatten the damn city with earth and be done with it.

It was well done, Theramore destroyed. Unfortunately Jaina escaped, very angry. And this is where Jaina starts to act as villain and her state from that point on did not really improve. In any case, Garrosh still had his Kalimdor campaign to salvage, and newly discovered Pandaria gave him a chance for just that. Progressing through the new continent Garrosh's lust for power only grew and he stopped caring for the cost of it, for his allies, and his troops. Any means necessary, anyone disagreeing branded for potential traitor and thus needed to be eliminated.

Pandaria was in many ways place where Garrosh started to have his meltdown. He was slowly but steadily going insane. All on his own volition. In any case, eventually we brought him to his knees and, then the Alliance decided they wanted to make a trial for him. Ah, Alliance... Varian is probably going to break his table with the facepalm he makes when Garrosh escapes, but hey, they wanted the trial, Thrall wanted to execute him on the spot.

This brings us to why I am writing all this in the first place. There was a couple of excerpts from the upcoming book by Christie Golden released by Blizzard, and both present Garrosh in totally different way. The new Garrosh is actually likable. Cynical, with dark sense of humour, deliberate, even charismatic. The old Garrosh we knew had a charisma of a common rock. I always thought Garrosh was a brilliant general, but a poor politician, and now all of a sudden the damned orc has an actual personality.

Where was this all this time in game? Abyss take it all, but surely Blizzard could actually show some of Garrosh's character in the game beyond his ludicrous pauldrons. It is extremely difficult to find a compelling reason for most of the things Garrosh does. At least a reason that makes his decisions reasonable. And now all of a sudden we find out Garrosh is not only eloquent, but a deep thinker as well. In things that go beyond pure military.

I hated Garrosh for the most of Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria. There was a glimmer of hope here and there. Otherwise, anything he said, was reduced to Garrosh smash talk, and thus promptly ignored. And now, only two excerpts and I am liking Garrosh and his "new" attitude. I wish this was the Garrosh we could see in World of Warcraft. I wish, the Garrosh in the game would be such a character instead of one-dimensional brute that screams power and smash. For those interested, you can read the two excerpts for yourself here and here.

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