Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Gnome Grows Epic Moustache in a Matter of Seconds

A new trailer was released promoting the new payable boost to level 90. I will just say that at the price of 60$ it is overpriced all the way to high Heaven. I will use my free boost that comes with purchase of Warlords of Draenor, but I am will not be buying anything from the store. I will even level up my warrior to level 60 before I use my boost on him. I want that veteran bonus that will level up my professions for me. I figure that I can put up with a day or two of tanking through the dungeons in exchange for leveled up professions.

But more importantly than the greed oozing from the in-game store in World of Warcraft I want to say I am impressed by the range of the animations of the gnome in the trailer. It is exciting to think that soon all our characters will have that range of fluidity and expression to them. It is the little things after all. More than that, the new models will/might/should/could reinvigorate the World of Warcraft machinima scene.

If something about this commercial about payed boost to 90 makes me happy, it is the fact they really tried to picture it as something that is not intended to skip the content, but instead to catch up with friends and keep playing with them.

One good thing came out of it though, we finally know the price of the next expansion, which is 45€, and for some weird reason I think this is actually more than the cost of previous expansions. I could rant a bit about it here, and how this is pure greed but I think I already said it enough times that we all know how I feel about it. When Blizzard announced they will sell the boost to 90 I sincerely expected it to be priced in a similar range to race-change, and server transfers. You know, that range. Not the actual cost of a whole expansion.

They charge more for this banana expansion where we travel back in time to see guys that were all long dead, and we are to ignore everything else and just enjoy the ride. And people thought Pandaria was a joke. At times I wonder if I am becoming more and more cynical, or are they just pulling my leg. I guess I am the fool, as I will be back to play the expansion in any case.

Also, there is a gnome in the trailer, which according to Internet is unprecedented. I guess a huzzah for all the gnomes is in order. And may they forever be served as dessert or a ball in game of gnomeball.

If you did not know, gnomeball is a time-honoured tradition among the members of the Horde. Rules are very simple and there is always much fun. Injuries are rarity, although the ball must be changed after every game. Some chefs among Forsaken and the Darkspear even go as far to claim that the best dessert containing gnomes comes from the one that was in a game of gnomeball. More on that some other time.

I do think they missed a chance with marketing though. It should have been a play on a gnome growing epic moustache in a matter of seconds. Just with a boost.

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