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Purpose of High Elves

What is a difference between a traitor and dissident? In eyes of the Blood Elves, there is none. There is a reason for that. What separates the High and Blood Elves is not the colour of their eyes, but their name. They are one and the same.  There is a extensive amount of history and tragedy involved when it comes to the descendants of the Highborne.

It all started a long time ago, when Night Elves were still considered a common plebs, and Highborne were the masters of arcane. Something their direct descendants, the Blood Elves still remain. But in order not to prolong things any more than it needs to be, I will start with the last schism that occurred among the elves.

We could probably search for reasons without end. It is usually so when it comes to things of importance. When we get down to the core, it is always a simple disagreement that escalated beyond any help. This particular disagreement occurred after Arthas defiled the Sunwell and the last scion of Sunstrider was forced to destroy the source of magic on which his people prospered for thousands of years.

Kael'thas Sunstrider renamed the pittance of his people that survived into Blood Elves, in honour of those who gave their lives fighting against the Scourge. Before, they were High Elves, now they were Blood Elves. Nothing else changed, all the Blood Elves had blue, red, green, or violet eyes, they all had fair skin, and they were all, ok, maybe just a majority narcissists. At least I would like to imagine it like that.

So, at this point, we still do not have any dissidents among the elves. They are struggling, but they are united. There is no reason not to be. At this point, last Prince of Quel'Thalas took those who were fit for battle with him and went to Lordaeron to help Dalaran in the battle against the Scourge. Even though the commander of the Lordaeron army was a racist bastard, Blood Elves still did what they had. In time of need though, Naga came to aid them.

For reasons unknown, Grand Marshal Garithos saw this as a betrayal. Is it just me or do all people in Warcraft whose name starts with Gar- end up as racist villains. Maybe there is some hidden meaning in the names... Garrosh, Garithos,... To get back on track, Grand Marshal ordered the execution of all the Blood Elves and their Prince. In Dalaran. City in which Kael'thas spent more time than all the other current members of Council of Six, of which some were present in the city at the time of Kael'thas's supposed execution and did nothing.

Kael'thas and his troops managed to escape to Outland with a help from Lady Vashj and her Naga. There they met Illidan, who showed them how to sate their thirst for magic, and from there on, Kael'thas worked along with Illidan fighting the Burning Legion in Outland, and later on laying siege on Icecrown.

Here is where things get interesting. Somewhere along these events it must have come to the schism. And a minuscule amount of remaining Blood Elves decided they did not like the things and started calling themselves High Elves. If that was all they did, it would be fine. What is even worse though, is that they allied themselves with the Alliance. After all their people suffered at the hands of their supposed allies, they went back to the Alliance and Dalaran.

I think I managed to illustrate well enough why Blood Elves do not like Alliance. That is not to say they love Horde. To be truthful, they do not like any of them. Blood Elves, even before they were called Blood Elves and were known as High Elves were people who loved isolation. They did not bother with others, and they did not want others to bother them.

Supposedly the reason for schism was that some part of those that came to call themselves High Elves refused to drain magic from the living beings. As they were starting to make trouble for the rest of the populace Regent Lord Theron exiled them. It is interesting to note that these exiled High Elves thought they were in the right, and once Kael'thas comes back he will punish Regent Lord and forgive them.

It is implied that it was not a simple draining magic that had these High Elves riled up, but instead the enslavement of the Naaru, who was the basis for the formation of the new backbone of Thalassian army, the Blood Knight order.

This is where things get interesting. You see, most of the newly formed Blood Knights, were former members of Royal Guard. And if we take that the majority of the High Elves came from the ranks of the Farstriders, then this is a military coup we are dealing with. Everything else just a simple pretence. The High Elves did not like losing power, so they started rebelling. As Regent Lord refused to smear his hands with the blood of his people, he banished them. And the banished High Elves could only seethe with anger in those remote forests on the borders of their former homeland, as they were too few to do anything else.

Aside from that, it is pretty simple. While general populace followed their prince, and knew for the betrayal at the hand of Alliance, portion of them refused to accept the truth. These days their fight is more of an ideology war than anything else. And High Elves are slowly but steady losing grounds under their feet. Why do they fight for, if they consider themselves true descendants of past generations of High Elves?

Banished from homeland, shunned by their own people, hated by their own people, and for what? For a notion that maybe it was not the Alliance at fault for the actions of Garithos? Even the High Elves of the past were reclusive, always only out for themselves. When Lothar came knocking on their doors for help against the Orcs, they did not do it out of love or sympathy, but because they had to honour their promise.

A promise they made to a long dead king of Arathor, whose last living heir demanded their help. So, why are High Elves even fighting for? Tradition? Not likely, their ancestors curse them for their betrayal most likely. Loyalty? If so, than it is gravely misplaced. Vengeance? Funny how they resent their brethren far more than they do to Humans and Burning Legion.

Those that call themselves High Elves these days must be the most idealistic, optimistic, romantic, utopian, starry-eyed, and quixotic individuals to ever walk on Azeroth. I can only hope all they did was out of ignorance, because they have no purpose, and truly no reason to hate Blood Elves. Blood Elves have plenty of reasons to hate the High Elves, but not the other way.

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