Saturday, 29 March 2014

Twitter and the new Assassin's Creed

I know, the title is... awkward to say the least. The post will be short. Let us say I am trying to adapt to the Twitter format. (I HATE IT) Yes, that needs Caps. I made a twitter account. I do not really know why, a friend suggested, said Riot was giving away free Garen skin. I said sure, it cannot hurt. When I made the account I asked him which skin, and was immediately disappointed. Dreadknight. Ugly. Emo. So Not Garen. I lost interest in skin, but still had twitter account, so why not try and make some use of it while it is there.

I find myself hating Twitter and its limit of 140 characters. It might be exaggeration, but I feel as it will be the end of me. I am too verbose in thoughts by nature, I do not talk much, but I do think much more. So when I have to limit my thought on a mere 140 characters, it is demanding. But I guess there is no point complaining about the format, it was not forced upon me, I came to Twitter by my own volition. Thus I get to follow their rules. Gahh, I still hate it though.

The username, for those interested is @Astalnar

Ok, now to the next bit. The next Assassin's Creed. It was about time. I am waiting for the series to go in time of French revolution ever since AC2 Brotherhood came out. I always felt the French Revolution would bring back the essence of what the original Assassin's Creed was all about. No good guys, no bad guys. Everyone was out only for themselves, and they were all morally grey and opportunistic bastards. Pardon the language.

This is something that was less and less present with each game. I skipped the Revelations and the AC3 as they appeared boring. I liked Ezio, but the third instalment was already pushing it. As for the American Independence war, I never liked the period. Too much guns, not enough swords for my taste, and the obvious black and white picture really did not seem very attractive. History is not divided on black and white, good and evil. I tried the AC4, but with the exception of Blackbeard found the characters boring. I liked the pirating aspect, but the final upgrade was too much for me.

If you make a historical simulation of sorts, I do not want to see golden cannons anywhere. Especially if you intend to make me shoot with them. This is not YOLO, SWAG, GOLD, MONEY. Golden cannons.. What is next? Time travel? Oh, wait. That last is Warlords of Draenor... Not to mention that the AC4's controls were worse than in I do not know how old AC2 Brotherhood. The controls were clunky, unresponsive, and I stopped counting how many times that damned pirate jumped into wrong direction and ended up dead because of it.

It hurts a bit when you have to repeat the whole section hunting man-o-war and you are out of any proper munitions because you engaged two convoys and couple of other ships that were just in your vicinity. What can I say, all that wood and metal will not gather on its own. If they wanted to make a real pirate game, they should have looked up to Sea Dogs. That game is by now as old as Earth, but the pirating thing, it does it perfectly.

Back to the current topic. The new Assassin's Creed that is to take place in French Revolution. Why is it good? Well, there are a lot of great thinkers and other great men located in France at that time. The revolution itself is messy, bloody, dirty, chaotic. There is no good guy, no bad guy. They are all good and they are all bad at some point. It is a scene where Assassin's Creed should thrive. Paris, where I presume the AC5 will take place is vast, if not the largest city in the world at that time. Architectural marvel even without the Eiffel tower.

I do hope that the new assassin has some personality and brain to him. Beyond the shark mentality that devoured whatever the name of the protagonist of the Black Flag was. I want a mix of Ezio and Altair, not some rabid dog thinking only "kill, kill, kill." Deep thinker, who will actually reflect on situation, but will not be afraid to act. I want Ubisoft to actually look back at what they did in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. I want for the decisions of an individual to actually matter.

And they could really just throw the genetic memory thing out of the game. It only disrupts the experience, and serves no practical purpose. It is bothersome, boring, and uninteresting. Just let us be the medieval commandos and be done with it. We were never that stealthy anyway. Hell, If I could, I would wear the heaviest plate armour I could find.

And can we please be rid of the damn hoods already. I want hats. It is always the hood, hood, and then another hood. The couple of alternatives that were available in AC4 that had no hood were comparatively pathetic. If we are to play an assassain that blends in crowd, it would be high time ot unlock the wardrobe and let us choose for ourselves what we want to wear. And you can be sure it will never again be another hood.

Heh, I promise a short post, and then go on without end. Typical me. But then, you are probably used to it by now.

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