Saturday, 26 April 2014

Hearthstone: Blood Knight Deck

Today I intend to present you my Paladin Blood Knight deck. In its current state, I can say it is close to finished. Only Equality and one more Avenging Wrath are needed. I know that for the ideal deck that I am striving toward I need Leeroy Jenkins, which will come by the end of the next month. That is because most of the packs I open these days are full with the cards I already have. Thus, there is plenty of dust waiting.

Before I go on, I feel I should explain what the gist of Blood Knight deck is. Blood Knight is a card that costs 3 mana and is 3/3. What makes it special is the flavour text. For each minion with Divine Shield on the board, Blood Knight gets +3/+3. when entering the game. That makes it extremely powerful, and at the same time very susceptible to Silence. The bad side of the card is, that it makes your own minions more vulnerable because of the loss of Divine Shield. The good side is, that you can at times, snag the opponent's Divine Shields as well.

Now the philosophy behind the deck. In my experience the greatest pains to deal with are Mages and Priests. With the rest of them, I can deal quite efficiently. There are a couple of heavy hitters in the deck. Well, not really heavy hitters, but they can get quite strong. Argent Commanders, Sunwalker, and Dark Iron Dwarves are there to infuriate Priests, and Mages. I like my opponent frustrated, I want my opponent to feel like there are no good moves to make. I want him to think that there is only a move that is less bad than the other.

Because Shadow Words are quite common, and for a good reason, I use Sword of Justice and Dark Iron Dwarves to bait them out. If they take the bait, fine. If they do not, I still have buffed Dark Iron Dwarf on the field that will be getting more and more annoying. The deck has Tirion and the Blood Knight, those are the cards that define the deck. The goal is always to have at least one Divine Shield on the field when you play the Blood Knight. If you pair Blood Knight with Argent Squire, the combination costs only 4 mana. And you get a 6/6 and a 1/1 out of it. Pretty good.

In the way of removal, there is Consecration, Hammer of Wrath, and Avenging Wrath. In terms of subjugation, there are Aldor Peacekeepers. Equality will join them as soon as I get it. It should make the issue of dealing with murloc decks go away. There are four weapons in the deck. A pair of Truesilver Champions, which remove annoying things, and heal me. And a pair of Swords of Justice. Swords of Justice is excellent for removing low health minions and buffing your own. Thus taking them out of range for something like Swipe, Consecration, or Explosive Trap. It is always about minimising the damage to your minions. You can never deny it all.

The current version of Blood Knight deck got me to the rank 11. Then I was forced to switch on my Mage deck with which I came to rank 9. The main issue was the lack of effective removal. An issue that will go away with Equality. I am beginning to think that if I write Equality a bit more, I will just go and craft it. Well, with no further ado, here is the current deck:
  • 2x Argent Squire
  • 1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
  • 2x Argent Protector
  • 2x Sword of Justice
  • 2x Aldor Peacekeeper
  • 2x Blood Knight
  • 2x Scarlet Crusader
  • 2x Truesilver Champion
  • 2x Blessing of Kings
  • 2x Consecration
  • 2x Hammer of Wrath
  • 2x Dark Iron Dwarf
  • 2x Defender of Argus
  • 1x Avenging Wrath
  • 2x Argent Commander
  • 1x Sunwalker
  • 1x Tirion Fordring
When the deck is finished, I will swap one Dark Iron Dwarf and 1 Argent Squire for Equality. Leeroy Jenkins will take the place of one of Argent Commanders. I am still on the fence if I would at that point require more removal in the form of another Avenging Wrath. If there would be need, I would swap it for Scarlet Crusader.

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