Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hearthstone: Preparing for Naxxramas

The Curse of Naxxramas will soon be upon us. Vile evils and retched misbegotten abominations will cross our path and test our worthiness. I am talking about the upcoming expansion for Hearthstone, and as I do so, I will try to give you an advice or two, how to be ready for what is to come upon us.

We all knew (philosophical we, I mean I always believed) an expansion for Hearthstone was a given. And now that is upon us, we need to prepare accordingly. There will be five wings in Naxxramas, the first, the Arachnid Quarter will be free for all. With the Maexxna as the final boss of the wing. The remaining, that means: Construct, Plague, and Military Quarter, and Frostwyrm Lair need to be bought.

First, I thought the price of each wing would be equal to one Arena ticket. But now, that I took another look on what was in the Naxxramas of World of Warcraft, that means three bosses per wing. Which when you do a bit of calculation seems to be a bit steep. 150 gold for fighting 3 bosses, when in Arena you can get up to 12 victories. Well, truth is you need to buy each wing only once, unlike the Arena where you spend 150 gold every time you enter. 150 gold in the long term might not be that much as long as the rewards of the new mode stay unchanged. A guaranteed legendary card at the end of each wing is in my opinion worth 150 gold. I silently hope to get my hands on a legendary card of Sir Zeliek. He was always my favourite of the Four Horsemen in Military Quarter.

That is 5 legendary cards in 5 weeks. Which by far beats my current statistics. I play Hearthstone from the beta, I think it is over 5 months by now, and I have altogether 4 legendaries. 2 of which I got in the last week. Tyrion Fordring, Ysera, Antonidas, and Harrison Jones. I pray for Leeroy Jenkins, but I doubt he will come any time soon. Most probably I am going to end up crafting him by the end of May. I might end up crafting Ragnaros, the number of times I lost a game because of Ragnaros is stupendously high.

Naxxramas will be full of bosses with unique abilities, there will be new cards, right now it seems Deathrattle will be flavour of the month. That also means all silence heavy decks may see rise in popularity. Even though I quite like the current state of the game where there is little to no silence present. It makes my Tyrion so much safer to play.

New board with all new things to click on, I still think Stormwind board is cursed, as I tend to lose on it more often than on any other. It might be the prevalence of rush Hunters, but for now I will continue blaming the board. I hope we get the announced alternative card backs by then. It would be great.

What initially surprised me was the lack of any new class. Right now, I am willing to bet that next two classes that come to Hearthstone will be Death Knight, and Monk. Death Knight would be Arthas Menethil, the Lich King, and the Monk would be Chen Stormstout. They are both the most iconic characters of these classes. I though that the next class that would come would be Death Knight, but I guess we will need to wait for expansion focused on Northrend or Icecrown, however they decide to name it.

Then I guess Monk will come out with Pandaria themed expansion. This leaves us some space speculating what class could we get beside those most obvious two. My guess is Demon Hunter and Spellbreaker. The only problem is there really is no prominent Spellbreaker. But that is now all hypothetical, so we should just move on.

Considering that the wings of Naxxramas will be coming one wing every week, I believe there is no real need to start saving gold now. It is nice to have it, but generally 150 gold, it surely will not be more, maybe 200 and that is the blackest of the black scenarios, is the amount you can scrape up in three, four days without much effort, just doing the daily quests. I would be really surprised if it was at higher price, even though if it is a permanent content that you pay for only once and then have it.

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  1. SO EXCITED! should be a lot of fun and I'm mostly not even because of getting new cards, it will just be fun challenging my decks further


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