Friday, 9 May 2014

Wildstar in Open Beta

It was a hectic week. And now as it inevitably nears to its end some good news came out at last. Wildstar will be in the open beta from 8th to 19th of May. A fair amount of time to take a look at the coming MMO and asses if it is worth its salt. The only problem I currently have is that I downloaded the client previously for a beta weekend which I missed because of all the technical issues. As I was disillusioned by the game, I uninstalled it. And now I have to install it once again. First world problem indeed.

So, what are the plans? As I actually do have some time on my hands in the next two weeks, I plan to take the Warrior for a spin. I intend to focus on Soldier and Explorer paths. They are the ones I think are the closest to my likings. Kill things and be done, check the cave and run from the crazed rats occupying it. I plan on checking the both factions, and see what the flavour of them is, and how do the races differ from each other.

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