Friday, 27 June 2014

Boosting a Toon

I am yet to boost my blood elf warrior. I am yet to buy the Warlords of Draenor. I do not intend to use a character boost as a payed service simply because that is crossing the line between F2P and subscription based game. And I am yet to level that said warrior to level 60 first. Reading this it seems like a list of things to do, at least in this lull and lack of new content we are facing nine months after the release of Siege of Orgrimmar. Some would say, this might be a perfect opportunity to level up my warrior, but I refuse to support Blizzard for providing me with nothing new for more than a year to come.

Why do I not buy the Warlords of Draenor? Because I do not believe in preorders. I want to buy final product, not pay in advance for something that is to come almost a year later. Now that is easy to say, and some might point out I am being a hypocrite, I did help fund a kickstarter project of the Mandate, and I will not be seeing that game until early 2015 at best. But Mandate is different, everything I hear about Mandate makes me happy and glad I took part in their campaign. While every other news I hear about Warlords of Draenor is a new fragrance of frustration time and time again.

I am strongly against any additional payments beyond the subscription fee. I would even argue that if we go for more than six months without any new content, the subscription should be halved, at least until we get new content. Yes, I know this might sound radical, and that it probably would not be financially feasible for Blizzard because reasons. But, I refuse to accept the fact that they are so short on money to invest precious time they so often say they do not have, to design new mounts, pets, and I do not know what else, and put it in the in-game shop and have us pay extra for those items.

That is the practise of free to play games, not subscription based MMO games. Blizzard is double-dipping and that is plain rude.

Now I feel I am getting away from the original topic. Boosting a toon. My general plan, as I said first I need to level that warrior to 60. I need a blacksmith at max level, and I do not have any will or interest to just level up from start the crafts on my death knight. I did it once on my worgen warrior, and I am not doing it ever again. For someone short on gold, such as me, leveling profession from scratch can be compared to financial disaster. In order to avoid losing any gold that I cannot really afford, I will level the warrior to 60 first. The blood elf already has his heirlooms equipped, and is somewhere in his mid-twenties.

There is also no benefit in leveling him up right now. It would just mean I have to spend time on content I already experienced, and had my fair share of it. There is no point in having that warrior at max level right now, because he would just collect dust until Warlords come out. We could say, I am biding my time. Making sure I will have things to do when the expansion comes out. As it stands right now, leveling is not so hard, especially in the lower half of the leveling curve up to sixty.

Being a tank, it should not be too difficult to get in dungeons and breeze through the remaining 35 or so levels. At least in theory. Who knows, I might as well get fed-up with everything and just quit the dungeons, meaning I would go and spend my time on my main, probably improving my orcish, ugly-as-hell monstrosity called garrison. But that is something I wish to avoid. Because if I do that, I know I will not level my warrior in time to craft the armour I wish to have in my transmog collection. And if I buy the armour, it means I have no real incentive to level up my warrior, which would be sad.

Well, there will always be that full bank of various blacksmithing recipes that must be quite rare these days. I kept them because I wanted to have a blacksmith at max level one day. That was the plan since Burning Crusade onward. We could call it a long range planning, or wishful thinking lacking any initiative. Whichever you prefer. But it feels so wrong for some reason to level up a warrior, just so it can make space in the bank for new transmog gear.

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