Monday, 30 June 2014

Moving Capitals to Ashran

Just the other day I wrote how every other news about Warlords of Draenor is a disappointment, and just after they introduced human male model, which was impressive, they go and say they are moving the capital cities of the Horde and the Alliance located on Draenor from their original locations to little island far from everything remotely important called Ashran. Moving the capital might be a bit strong. To be honest they are moving the portals that lead to Azeroth, and vendors of importance to Ashran. And that, is the only reason why cities matter in the first place. Coincidentally Ashran is the world PvP zone of Warlords of Draenor. It is like moving the Shrines in Mists of Pandaria from Vale of Eternal Blossoms to some remote island in middle of nowhere like Timeless Isle or Isle of Giants.

What is even worse is that we were promised those two cities back at Blizzcon, and now we will be getting sorry excuse for it instead. I feel sorry for the Alliance, they got the short end of the bargain. Instead of Karabor, the Black Temple as it was in its prime they are going to have another bland military base like Highbank and many others. What Horde lost, is certainly equally important but in no way as equally impressive. We lost Bladespire, the seat of Frostwolves which is same old same old as far as the architecture goes. Karabor stands out because it is different, not the same as the common draenei architecture that we already have. Sure, there is Black Temple, but it is not like you can actually do anything in that place beside killing everyone who stand in your way.

Another problem is that the new capitals take away from the garrisons. We were supposed to be the commanders, the leaders of the expeditionary force. We were supposed to be the vanguard in the fight against the Iron Horde. We were supposed to be the first line of defence against the Iron Horde if they decided to attack Frostwolves or draenei in Karabor and Bladespire. But now, it seems we get to establish a garrison while some other idiot started the war with the Alliance, while we still fight the Iron Horde. Whoever was that knucklehead who started the fight on some backwater island, deserves to be whipped bloody, and cuffed to pillory.

There is no strategic value. You are telling me, that while we fight against the Iron Horde and all the dangers of Draenor, they still had time to send a proportionate amount of men on the island to build a base, while we already had a base established in Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon Valley respectively. Whipping and cuffing to pillory is not enough, this is plain incompetence. Just the logistics make my heart bleed. First you need a boat to transport the people, and if you want that city to be of any significance, you need either a fleet or a bridge. Otherwise it is just an isolated sitting duck that can only quack and do nothing. Are you telling me now that all this was somehow established without either? Give me a break...

Another thing is, that there is no flying, and probably never will be on Draenor, and you put a main hub, where you expect players to venture out from to be a remote island. That right there killed any interest anyone ever had for any kind of exploration. They stated we could still visit Bladespire and Karabor, but the truth is, there is no real incentive to do so. How many of you visited Ogri'la or Netherwing Ledge once you reached the Exalted with the factions that occupied those places? If anything, you went there only on occasion, when you needed something from there. The same will happen with Karabor and Bladespire. They are out of our way, and thus out of our interest zone.

Simple solution? Give us portals in Ashran, Karabor and Bladespire, so we can decide for ourselves which of the two available places we like the best. Give us portals in the old capitals as well. Portals in Silvermoon, Undercity, Thunderbluff, Darnassus, Exodar, and Ironforge. Certainly game will not break if in each city there is six more portals. And what that does, is not bind us to that one place you seem so focused for us to reside in.

Capital is supposed to be the heart of the new continent, not its appendix.

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  1. I've loved Draenei since they came out, and being able to RP in Karabor was a HUGE selling point for this expansion. Now I'm not sure if that will even be possible anymore. That and my disappointment with garrisons (for gameplay reasons, mostly) has really had me reconsidering my sub for the first time in many years.


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