Thursday, 5 June 2014

Regrets of Warcraft

One would think that in my time in Warcraft, that would be about seven years, I would have plenty. Now that I think of it, there are only few, and most of those that come to mind at first though are not really in my power. I mean, there is nothing I can do about Cataclysm, and the fact that it destroyed some of really appealing zones, like Barrens. Thinking of Barrens, maybe this is why I loved Derradune in Wildstar so much when I first saw it, it was like the good old Barrens, without lava, with wildlife, occasional problem, and a verdant oasis that appeared where it should not. So, if we subtract all the nostalgia, there are only few.

Destroying the gear I outleveled, thinking it will never be of any use anyway is one of those regrets. What is even worse, I did it after I have already stored it to my bank, and deleted it in order to get some free space for some random cloth I cannot even recall the name of, and plethora of tabards that even today trouble my bank account, because I refuse to pay for a tabard more than once. Among the gear I destroyed, because I got better replacements, are couple of weapons that are quest rewards.

Blood-Tempered Ranseur, Sin'dorei Warblade, and Helboar Carving Blade, are among my greatest regrets. Along with the green shield that looked like Crest of Retribution, and Stung. Do you even realise how hard it is to find a simple looking one-handed sword that sheaths at the back? It is not easy, that I can say. I try reconciling the regret about the lost items I will never be able to have on my Paladin, with the fact that I could not know about impending transmogrification. I try to tell myself I could not see it coming.

But that is not true. I wonder why I deleted those quest items, that truly were one of a kind, but left behind various swords and pieces of gear that even today drops from bosses scattered in every dungeon imaginable. I have bagful of swords, greatswords, polearms, warhammers, and two handed axes just collecting dust in the bank. I know I have them because of my own vanity, not because I would really like them. I prefer them over the most of current weapons, but in no way will they ever see the light of day, Those three swords that I use in my transmogs, have a special place reserved for them, not with the rest of the collection.

They say that hindsight is always 20/20 and it might be so. I wish I could appeal to my younger, rash self that was so fervent in finding additional space in the bank for whatever trade good was in demand back then. I wish I could tell him, to destroy whatever weapon he wants, as long as he leaves the quest rewards, and the twin blades of the troll empires. Only a fool would destroy the original Zin'rohk, at least I kept Jin'rokh, even though when I look at it now, I wonder had I not destroyed the better sword by mistake. A tragic mistake no less.

The only comfort that remains, is that if I truly wished, I could collect the pieces and forge it anew with the help of archaeology. The only thing that is stopping me is myself. I think it would be in vain to collect endless pieces of the troll archaeology puzzle in order to get a sword, that will in the end simply collect dust in my bank. Because sure as hell, I am not going to parade with it around. Wrong colour, too spiky for my taste, and does not sit well with my current transmog sets. Although... that might change, I did fantasise about putting together a green coloured plate set. One to fit with the overall theme of Jade Forest and Krasarang Wilds.

It might be I am on to something here. It certainly could occupy me for awhile. Collecting all the pieces, reassembling a long lost sword, it seems now as if the archaeology was introduced for us to fix the errors of our ways. And at least I am glad for it to be so. Even if I do despise 3-feet-fly-dig, 3-feet-fly-dig routine that kills all joy that ever was contained in archaeology.

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