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Blizzard's Lies about Tanaan Jungle

Some people are asking why are the rest of us upset with Blizzard over something as "trivial" as pushing the release of Tanaann Jungle on a later date in one of the patches. There are number of reasons, and all are valid. Blizzard was misleading us, lied to us, and treated us like idiots.

Imagine you are expecting a baby, you are really excited about it, and so is your wife, partner, girlfriend. Then, after eight months of pregnancy she comes out and tells you she had an abortion half a year back, but don't worry because you will totally have another baby in a year or so. She was wearing a pillow under her clothes all this time.

I will not say that the two situations are the same. After all one of those involves human life, while other just a game. But the sentiment is the same. Blizzard abused our trust.

It all started back at the Blizzcon 2013. You see, there Blizzard presented their next expansion. Warlords of Draenor. They even said that things are going well, and that we can look forward to the released game sooner rather than later. That combined with some earlier postings on the internet, probably twitter, how they want to release expansions faster, gave hope to rare few, that we might be looking forward to the release of the expansion as soon as early Summer. I still remember how people were expecting Beta invites any day now.

At least when it comes to releasing something I knew how things at Blizzard work. They hope for something, but do things as always. Just like an alcoholic. He might convince you he is ready to change his ways, to stop drinking, to renounce all the booze. But as soon as you turn your back on him, he will pull out his flask and take a sip or two. Rewarding himself on a job well done. And breaking fast with a sip of strong did not hurt anyone ever, said the alcoholic.

More to the point, at that Blizzcon 2013 Blizzard clearly stated what will be future content, and what will be available on release. Most of those islands around Draenor were meant as content down the line, that we will get to explore. Tanaan Jungle was never mentioned here. You could fool me. Starting the speech with, players will be going through the Dark Portal, showing the slides saying "7 new zones",  and forgetting to mention they will see one of those seven zones once one of the content patches is released down the line, maybe after half a year or something like that. It slipped their mind, Blizzard apologists will say. Bull-shit!

You, me, and everyone who ever played through the Burning Crusade knows that when they mentioned we were going through the Dark Portal, we all thought this would be our first levelling zone, like it was in Outland. It would be our Hellfire Peninsula before it became all barren and hellish. And it is not like Blizzard tried to correct this perception. It suited them very well. Some will say Blizzard did not lie, it is our own fault for thinking the way we did. You know what that is called? Lying by Omission.

By what Lore wrote over on twitter, they knew long time ago that Jungle of Tanaan will not be ready on launch. And yet they still left us in the dark, letting us believe that since we start our experience there, we will be playing through Tanaan from the very start of the expansion, not from a later date when they manage to patch things up.

Blizzard = Wrathion

Something is rotten in the state of Blizzard. It is one thing to iterate on your work in progress, it is entirely different thing to cut things out to make it to the launch. A great example of iteration would be how they changed the idea of Warlords of Draenor from the concept to reality. As they revealed at the Blizzcon their original idea was for Garrosh to escape and try and resurrect all the dead Warlords, but then they thought this was not the best idea, so they changed it to time-travel instead. How great as an idea this was, is open for discussion, but it still remains a great example of what iteration is.

Since Blizzcon all we have learnt of Warlords of Draenor is cutting new content left and right, because it was either meant to be added in later patches, does not fit their artistic vision, or they simply lack the resources. I like this last excuse the most. How can a company that rakes in more money than a small country's defence budget lack the resources?

They cut flying, capitals, limited the garrisons to only two stock architecture styles, added no new race, added no new class, added no new race/class combinations, and now they cut the entire zone from release. How much more? And what did we get instead? A price increase and an in-game store. Oh, yes a free boost to 90 when we buy this pig in a poke.

Forgive me if I am not enthusiastic when you lie to my face, forget to mention the facts, or decide to leave me to my ignorance, for believing you would never do such a thing in the first place. Sorry does not cut it. Communication is not the problem here, being coy is problem. lying to your consumers is a problem, misleading your fans is a problem!

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