Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Disappearance of WoW Bloggers

Recently bbr (I have a personal grievance with his choice of name, as it sounds like an abbreviation of something, and I do not know what that something is. Proposterous!) of Random Ravings sent out a rallying call to all World of Warcraft bloggers, asking where are they, what are they doing, and if so, why did they stop blogging about it. He even asked what do we think where our compatriots of Warcraft went. To all that I can hardly give an answer. I am in no regard an authority of any kind on blogging, let alone on blogging about World of Warcraft. I do it because I have time, and just the right amount of energy not to waste it on simply watching cats on the internet, or staring at the blue ceiling of my room and contemplating about the meaning of life.

Why do I continue to write about World of Warcraft, when the game is without a shadow of a doubt in decline? It is a valid question, to which I can only say, because it interests me. We could say I have a thing for Decadence as well. I know the matter, I am knowledgeable about it, and I want to share my opinions, ideas, and thoughts about the game with the rest of the world. If the world reads it, likes it, or disagrees with it, that much better, but the first and probably the only reason is that I like doing it. In my case, it could be argued that I do not write about World of Warcraft exclusively, I try to vary things up. At times there is more posts related to World of Warcraft, and at times more about other games, books, or even films and TV series.

As for why others stopped writing about World of Warcraft I can hardly give an answer. The most honest thing to say would be that I do not really care about it. It might interest me, but I will not lose any sleep because of it. People leave their blogs for various reasons, just like they leave an MMO of their choice for various different reasons. To speculate for which of hundred different reasons they stopped blogging would be redundant on my part. I leave that to others. I can only say, that if I knew you while you were blogging, it was nice knowing you, and good luck. If I did not, well I do not really care, as I never cared in the first place.

Things happen, people lose interest, or outgrow the medium of their choice. There is not much any of us can do about it. As much as we like to imagine we are a community, at the end of the day we are every man for himself, and only do it for ourselves. If we find no interest in doing it, then we leave it behind like some sort of a failed experiment, or in best case scenario, like a fond memory that we outgrew. The one who thinks he or she is blogging for his/her readers is deluding him/herself. It might be enough to keep you writing, but you should not do it for others. Blogging is not about martyrdom, it is about freedom to express your thoughts. At least as far as I am concerned.

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