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Game of Thrones: My Dislike of Season 04

I finished watching the fourth season of Game of Thrones after I stopped at the first half. Since there might be some of you sensitive to spoilers, I am letting you know, there will be spoilers. But do not fret, I will focus only on the parts that should already be in the series. So, if you watched all four season, there will not be any spoilers. Cinsider it extended edition, directors cut or something as such. I can only heartily recommend you read the books, because they are so much better than the series. Another plus side is that the books do not get things wrong all the time, like the series does. I watched the remainder of the season four on the urging of my younger brother, who suddenly became a fan. The fact I was telling him years before that he would like the series does not seem to count. In any case let us just get over with this.

When George R.R: Martin started writing Song of Ice and Fire, his goal was to stage a setting so grand and epic it would be impossible to translate it to film or television. Mainly, because he was not willing to sacrifice parts of the story in order to get a product out of it. With his series it was always meant to be all or nothing. When the producers of the show first talked about what they want from it, they seemed to be in agreement with Martin. We could all understand that some corners would require to be cut, but in grand scheme of things, they appeared to be on the same page. Martin did warn them about butterfly effect, but it does not seem they took him seriously.

It is painful to watch the adaptation of the books and see how they butcher it on screen. This was something apparent from the very start, and with the following season only got worse. They started adding made-up characters, like that whore I cannot remember the name of that Joffrey kills at the end, they started changing characters where there really was no need for it, and changing the story because of it, like Robb's wife. Robb never married a woman out of Volantis, or Lys or whichever free city that woman was from. He married Jeyne Westerling. Here is another fact. Jeyne Westerling is still alive, and speculation has it that Blackfish took her from the Lannister claws and escaped with her into unknown. She might be still carrying the child.

All the changes they do, only make the story more shallow, simple, and make more problems for creators of the show down the line. I wish I could count all their flops on fingers of my one hand, but it is just not enough: Loras being the only son, Brotherhood without Banners selling Gendry, Thenns climbing the Wall, Hound fighting Brienne, Jaime arriving to King's Landing a year too early, the whole fiasco of defending the Wall from Wildlings, Jojen dying, Tormund Giantsbane being captured by Night's Watch, Tormund Giantsbane climbing the Wall, Sansa revealing her identity to the Lords of the Vale, Varys leaving King's Landing, not having Brown Ben Plumm as the leader of Second Sons, not having Daario Naharis as leader of Stormcrows, Daario Naharis leading Second Sons, Blackfish present at the Red Wedding, no Jeyne Westerling, no Lady Stoneheart, no Coldhands leading Bran and company to Bloodraven, abduction of the dragons, killing Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and don't get me started on the made up stuff like that crap sacrificing babies up in the North.

Some might say these are all just some minor changes, with which I would vehemently disagree. But the fact remains that a pile of small changes leads to one great departure of the original story that they intended to tell. Some might even argue that this lets the readers enjoy the same suspension that those who did not read the books get, but as far as I am concerned it only causes grief. We know in which direction the story will go, and now we have to suffer through all the butchering of the story we loved the first time in written form. It is unbearable. And what is even worse, I know it will only get worse.

I know that because of how they handled the fourth season.The only way they could salvage it, is to focus the whole season only on what was going on on Iron Islands with the rest of Greyjoys, and what were Martells doing. But this will not happen because that would mean no main cast for almost two years. Something I imagine only GRRM can really afford. That means, next season will feature even more stuff the producers make up, and even less of what is going on in the books. It is a damned fanfiction of the producers, not the adaptation of the books at this point.

Watching the series right now is the same as reading about Faegon. You know he is fake, and you wish he would die sooner than later. People will still defend the show, saying that acting is good, CGI is great and so on. But I don't give a flying flamingo about their performance if they are not following what the books say. Ultimately it is not about the quality of the production, it is about staying faithful to the source material.

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