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Hearthstone: Guide to Naxxramas, Arachnid Quarter

With the first Quarter of Naxxramas released, and by some already finished, it is time to give a helping hand, if needed, to the rest of the enthusiastic adventurers that decide to venture into the dark shadows of the flying necropolis. It is time to go through all the bosses you will encounter in the first wing of Naxxramas, the Arachnid Quarter.

First things first, what do we even have in the Arachnid Quarter? Well, we have Normal mode, Class Challenges, and Heroic Mode. In the normal mode you fight Anub'Rekhan, Grand Window Faerlina, and Maexxna. If you ever played World of Warcraft during the Wrath of the Lich King you are probably familiar with the three bosses presented. In Class Challenges you get to play with the premade decks that include the new cards. In Arachnid Quarter you can unlock the Druid's and Rogue's two cards. It is actually well done as it teaches you through the game how to make the most use of the new cards. As for the Heroic mode, it is same as the Normal, only difference being that now the ability of each boss is incredibly powerful.

Normal mode

First boss you will face is Anub'Rekhan. I went with my Paladin deck and had no trouble dealing with him. He can summon 3/1 Skitters, but eventually he will run out of steam. Any kind of deck that focuses on the control of battlefield will do just fine here. You can probably do fine job with aggro decks as well, as he has only 30 health on normal mode, unlike 45 on Heroic. Thing to watch out for are deathrattles. Chance is that the usual Flamestrike, Hellfire, or Consecration will not do the job here, because it will only cut the attack power of Anub'Rekhan because of all the deathrattles he likes to play.

Next in line we have Grand Widow Faerlina. I recommend using a heavy aggro deck like Warlock zoo, murlocs,, Warrior aggro or something like that. I went with Warlock zoo. That is because of Faerlina's ability. She can fire a missile for each card in your hand. Which when we talk about most mid-range or late-game decks is very bad, as you will still have large amount of cards in your hand, and it is quite devastating when she can clear your entire board just because you have nothing to play, all that for 2 mana. The less cards you have in your hand, more powerful you are against Faerlina.

Last of the lot is Maexxna. Once again I used my Paladin deck for her, but it was a roller coaster. Maexxna can return one random minion into your hands. Which can be either very useful, or very hurtful. In my case it was both. For the first half of the game I was despairing as she disarmed all my defences, by the end of the game I was rejoicing as she always returned to my hand Guardian of Kings, which enabled me a swift comeback, while my Blood Knight established a strong presence and control over board. It is quite helpful to have some form of silence or refined removal such as Polymorph in your deck.

Class Challenges

I cannot really advise you here very much. Play as you always do, you hope to start the game with low-cost minions and move from there onwards. These Class Challenges are quite easy and can be done without problem. When you are playing Druid, take the most you can out of the Poison Seeds. This card can be a gamechanger. Faerlina had a strong board presence in my case, which I was able to turn around with couple of cheap deathrattles and Poison Seeds. Once you take initiative, the game is over. With the Rogues, play as you would always and there is no problem. Really, it is that simple.

Heroic mode

This is where the things get interesting. They get interesting for two reasons. The bosses you faced in normal mode now have 45 health points instead of your usual thirty. What is even worse, is that their abilities, that were before fairly balanced, are now blown out of proportions.

We will start with our good old Anub'Rekhan. Before, he was summoning 3/1 little skitters. Those 3/1 are now 4/4, and calling them skitters is an understatement. I used my Paladin deck once again and it worked fairly well. Couple of well-placed Equalities and Consecrations, Followed with minions of my own and I slowly worked him down. I focused on minions, and used Alexstrasza to bring as much of his health down in one fell swoop. And that is how I won. Slightly modified Mage deck featuring couple of Pyroblasts will probably do the job here.

With Faerlina I once again used my Warlock zoo. Her ability stays the same with the only difference being that it costs only 1 mana. With that said, she is probably the easiest of the three heroic bosses in Arachnid Quarter. Burn her down as fast as you can, and you will be victorious.

The last is Maexxna. She is the only one who gave me trouble. The thing is, she has quite an advantage over you. Her ability one costs 0, and returns 2 of your minions back to your hand. As if that would not be enough, she starts the game with two minions already on board. Fun. I tried with my Paladin, I tried with my Warlock, two entirely different deck, the result was the same. I could only watch helplessly how she returned everything I was able to play back to my hand and eat through my health.

In the end I put together a Priest deck, per advice of my friend. The deck featured some of the silliest of silly cards. Cards I would never really play otherwise in any of my decks. The deck consisted of Novice Engineer, Vodoo Doctor, Earthen Ring Farseer, Holy Smite, Argent Commander, Elven Archer, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, Ironbeak Owl, Arcane Golem, Mind Control Tech (this is a must), Mass Dispel, Shadow Madness, Auchenai Soulpriest, Leeroy Jenkins, Stormwind Knight, Holy Nova, and Holy Fire. Still some luck was involved. You need specific set of cards in order for this to work. In order to get to the late game. After a couple of failed attempts I was able to draft an Elven Archer, Ironbeak Owl, and Vodoo Doctor, and thus the game was eventually won.

This concludes my guide to the Arachnid Quarter. Now, brave adventurers, it is upon you to take what you have learnt and earned in the blighted halls ridden with spiders and all other nasty creatures, and use it on the rest of the cursed army of Naxxramas, that will be coming for us, asking for a fight. And by the Light, we shall give them a fight indeed. We will show Baron Rivendare who leads the Four Horsemen, we shall teach Loatheb with whom not to mess, we will send Kel'thuzad scampering back to the Lich King. And we will be glorious while victorious!

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