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Heroes I want in Warlords of Draenor

We all have a list of heroes, soldiers, and individuals of varius degrees of respect that we like. In ten years of World of Warcraft, twenty years of Warcraft there are sure to be many of them dear to us. Some of them passed away, some of them we killed, and some of them will be available to our disposal in Heroes of the Storm or Hearthstone. But the number of heroes I want to focus today, are all still alive and kicking. They are not all big hotshots, many of them sort of slipped into past. Thus there is no better time than in Warlords of Draenor that they should emerge and be on their way to more adventures. On my list of individuals I want in Warlords of Draenor, majority are the veterans of Frozen Throne and its battle for Durotar and Theramore.

First on the list is Samuro. No, I do not mean the famous singer of a Horde's favourite name-changing band L70ETC. No, I mean the other Samuro, the blademaster that helped in dismantling Theramore forces the first time around, under the reign of Warchief Thrall. You know how awesome Samuro is? He single-handedly infiltrated Tiragarde Keep, destroyed the whole base with the explosives Vol'jin provided, and went on his way into annals of history. Now he waits to return and serve the Horde in its greatest hour of need. Samuro is determined, loyal to the Horde, and still had no appearance in World of Warcraft. He is probably playing some sort of a hermit of the top of most lonely mountain of Kalimdor, and that is just not fair, not for someone with the talent and skills such as Samuro, the one blademaster without equal.

Next in line we have Krokk. This orc is similar to Samuro, an expert in the field of infiltration, the difference being Krokk is the classic rogue. he also has a unique sense of humour, which when it comes to orcs is a valuable thing. We first met him during the Cataclysm on a campaign in Ashenvale Forest. He was the one in charge of rescuing a blood elf diplomat stranded in the middle of the siege on Warsong Lumber Camp by night elven forces. After a couple of pragmatic and highly effective missions in which he sent us on our way, the results were visible, yet the diplomat was killed by an elven assassin. Aside from that, I would consider his work exemplary. Krokk was born for sabotage, assassinations, and demoralisation of enemy forces. He is everything we could ever wish for in our commanders on Draenor.

Master Kelerun Bloodmourn is a perfect example of a Blood Knight that does not really know what to do with his time ever since Cataclysm removed the class quests. Master Bloodmourn was the one who oversaw the progress of lower ranking members of the Blood Knight Order, he is the one who took care of the tests, and whom most of the Adepts remember for hardest trials in order to become one of the Order. To truly be the member, and not a simple initiate. As this was lost in Cataclysm it is not fair for a man such as Master Bloodmourn to just wither away looking at the serene sunsets of Quel'Thalas. He should be in the midst of battles to come, he should be the one shouting at the new recruits, and lead his own expedition to Draenor. After all, we did hear how the Blood Knights will be involved with the whole Draenor.

How to describe Rokhan? He is one of those legends that began their rise during the First Siege of Theramore, and then slowly but surely got stranded on some campaign and simply forgotten. It feels like his commanding officer disliked him for some reason and decided to waste his talents freezing his tusks in the Northrend. And when he got lucky he changed one frozen wasteland for the other. Just his luck I guess. It is said the troll is the best scout Horde has. The Shadow Hunter surely lives up to his reputation. He warned Thrall on couple of occasions and thus ensured Horde was victorious in all their encounters, Later he was seen in Dragonblight, where he was in charge of taking care of the frost wyrms that infested the area. We even helped him take care of the largest one of, called Sarathstra. As it stands right now, it seems we will see Rokhan in our Garrison, I can only hope he will be as great as ever. And with the new models, I hope they give him back the beard he had in Warcraft III.

Initiate Goldmine, when I just think of this goblin, I wish he left the Earthen Ring and joined the Horde. This little goblin is insane, he knows no limits, and all he cares about is the immediate results. If his actions lead to even greater problems down the line, that is not his problem, eh? Right? He counts on us to help him out of every mess we help him make. And let us be clear, we helped him in making a great deal of problems. That aside, he is a genius, kindhearted, and impulsive. He prefers to ask for pardon more than for permission, but this is how he got to where he is, still alive and kicking. We first met him in Deephom, and later found him in Twilight Highlands. As Azeroth will be quite lonely for some time, I would prefer to see how he potentially, totally by accident destroys the Draenor (again) instead of Azeroth.

Nazgrel, that one is a legend. The last living descendant of an ancient hero Kash'drakor, and it is not his blood what made him rise to the prominence. Nazgrel started as an orc freed by Thrall from the internment camps and worked his way up. He hated humans, and believed they needed to be done with, but still he listened to Thrall, and followed the Warchief's wish for piece. When Admiral Proudmoore's forces prepared for the invasion on Durotar, it was Nazgrel who saw the need in alerting the Warchief. He took part in siege of Theramore, and was later rewarded with a post in Hellfire Peninsula, where he built a strong base that served as a foothold for the Horde in the Outland. He named the base after his Warchief, Thrallmar. Even when Garrosh entered into a full scale war with the Alliance, Nazgrel did not take part. Maybe it was because he had his hands full in Hellfire, but most likely Garrosh knew Nazgrel was Thrall's, and loyal to what would be later rebellious Horde of many races.

The last, is none other than the Champion of the Horde, Rexxar. While he and Nazgrel might have their hands full in the Outland, it would be a waste of them both not to take part in the campaign on Draenor. As I write this, while I wish Rexxar returned, I want him even more to take care of the Stonemaul clan as their leader, and finally bring the Ogres to the Horde, it is about time. Ok, maybe this is how Rexxar gets to Draenor, he could wander the continent and come upon realisation that he needs to take responsibility for his actions, thus he returns at the end of Warlords back to Azeroth, where he unites the Stonemaul Ogres and brings them in the embrace of the Horde.

I feel these heroes deserve their stories to be evolved and told, it is shame for them to just stand in some backwater and collect dust. This is a waste of their potential, a waste of their ability, and a waste of our time. Warlords of Draenor might be an excellent expansion, but without those heroes it will be a poorer experience, and one that missed an excellent opportunity, to bring back the life to some of the forgotten heroes. Not everything needs to be about Thrall, Varian, and Jaina. There are other beside ourselves that deserve to stand in the spotlight.

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