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Hearthstone: The Construct Quarter

Just one more week and we are back to the "old" "boring" Hearthstone. Now, that is not true, and as the time flies I am coming to realisation that no matter how much fun Naxxramas can be, at the end it is a simple distraction from the regular game. To be honest that is a shame, but then again, there really is no enjoyment to play against AI once you have already beaten it. There is no reason to play on Heroic mode because there is no reward beyond your personal satisfaction, but with the current state of Heroic, the satisfaction is rather minuscule in comparison to the time and effort invested.

This week the last of the four quarters was released, the Construct Quarter. From my days in World of Warcraft I remember this quarter as one of my personal favourites. Mostly because I played Paladin, and had a Divine Shield ready for all the jumps in the green river of poison and ooze that drove healers insane in the time between boss fights. I always loved being the one that took care of his own health. There was a certain pride in not being a bother to your group of healers. Another reason for why I loved Naxxramas is because it was filled with the undead. An army of undead back in the days meant that a Retribution Paladin could really shine as a DPS. We were fighting handicapped against anything that was not undead or demons.

In general though, I am getting the feeling Blizzard is betting too much on the nostalgia these days. That is seen in next World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, as much s in Hearthstone, and still in alpha Heroes of the Storm. They are spending too much reminiscing how much fun the good old days were. They should spend more time creating something new, rather than poking the long dead beast in hopes it will come to life if they only believe in it. Again, their problem. Now let us get to this week's bosses on Normal, Heroic and Class Challenges.

This week's Normal bosses did not make things difficult. All four fell under the might of my good old Paladin deck. I love that deck, and that it was able to take care of all four bosses without trouble means a lot to me. The Class Challenges were once again a bit of a pang, reminding me that the Paladin card will be the last one to unlock. On the other hand, heroes are supposed to come late, and coming to the party last, and facing Kel'thuzad indicates the hero status of Paladins. I can live with that.

Once again, Warrior and Priest fights were both easy enough. Fun and entertaining fights, and this is probably the only aspect of Naxxramas I find myself facing ever again after I beat it completely. One more detail. In Warcraft lore, Paladins came to be from Warriors who wanted to heal, and Priests who wanted to fight with soldiers wearing heavy armour. Another hint on the coming of the Paladins next week? Maybe. I will let you decide.

As for the Heroics, this is the first week after the Arachnid that I managed to clear it fast enough before I lost all will and interest for various reasons. Last couple of bosses from Plague and Military quarter could tell a few tales about that. I decided not to muck about and just used the premade decks from hearthpwn. I used Druid for Patchwerk, Priest for Grobbulus, Mage for Gluth, and Warlock for Thaddius. Honestly, it all lies in the timing. If you manage to destroy Patchwerk's, and Gluth's weapons at the right times victory is almost guaranteed. If you have, throw in Harrison Ford, it will be of great help. With Thaddius, your aim should be getting rid of his two helpers, and with Grobbulus it is just about outliving him.

The fights are entertaining, and reminiscent of the old raid fights in World of Warcraft, but I am really afraid that on their own they have nothing to offer. For every fight you need a specific deck built around specific idea. This is not why I play card games. Can you imagine playing poker by insisting to play three deuces all the time and calling all other hands insignificant? To anyone who ever played any card game, that will not be fun, it will be frustrating because it means throwing away so much other possibilities for something that might not happen. And when you play cards, it is about adapting to the situation you have, not the scenario you want it to be.

Well, less than a week, and I will have my Paladin card, and maybe finished Heroic bosses. If I find the will to revisit Military and Plague Quarters.

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