Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hearthstone: The Military Quarter

Another week, another wing of Naxxramas released. It might be too soon to say, but only two more and we will be back to same old same old. In spite of being as pricey as front seat in hell, wings of Naxxramas every week provide us with a distraction from our regular routine. And even though I know that once I finish all the heroic bosses I will not even try to do it again, I will miss new challenges coming at our doorstep every week. It provides us with a different pace of the game, even though I curse at Kel'Thuzad for having only nine deck slots available.

If anything really bothered me from the start with the Military Quarter it is the obvious lack of respect for elders. You see, I have a problem with Baron Rivendare leading the Four Horsemen. He is the Junior. He joined last. He is the replacement for late Alexandros Mograine. And while that does not mean much to those new to Warcraft story, I do have a problem with new guy taking the leadership position of the Four Horsemen. I think the First Horseman, Second, or even the Fourth Horsemen deserve this position much more than Rivendare. There's also the old dispute between Rivendare and me, and his stubbornness of refusing to part with his mount when I won our little duel, for more times than I care to admit. I'll get it one day Rivendare, and then I will let it rot in my stables just to spite you.

It is a skeletal horse, what else can I do with it? It is not like I can bury it...

Ok, back to business. This week, was unlike the previous quite entertaining. We are back to putting decks together only to delete them once the fights are over, because they are taking the space we do not have. For what Normal mode is concerned, my good old Paladin deck did not fail me. I was able to complete all three bosses with it, although it was a close call against Gothik. Razuvious can be problematic with his runeblades, but it is still manageable on Normal mode. Equality is superb against the Four Horsemen. I love the fact Blizzard tried to mimic the fights from World of Warcraft's Naxxramas as much as possible.

Class Challenges these week are Shaman and Warlock. Honestly, I think that the Shaman's deck you are provided with is a bit overtuned. I managed to defeat the boss even before I got the class card of the week in my hand. That tells a lot, as these games usually teach you hot to make use of those cards. As for Warlocks, I recommend you read the fine print on the cards. Hint, it says demon in hand, not demon in deck.

That is all good I guess. I still have two more weeks until I get to unlock the new Paladin Secret. Insert an old proverb about patience. They say "Everything comes to those who wait". God, do I hate that saying. It just presumes that everything will just happen on its own because you decided to wait. I am probably looking at this thing from the wrong perspective, but just waiting and doing nothing just feel disgusting. On other hand, there is nothing I can really do, so I guess I do not have any choice in the matter. Wait we shall.

As for the Heroic modes, I managed to defeat Razuvious with my Paladin deck, although I will admit I had a pinch of luck in that victory. I am currently trying to defeat Gothik, but he is turning to be quite resilient to my demands for total surrender. Also, I am getting the feeling he is winning only by a turn, as he always wraps up the game with two cards left in his deck. I will get him one of these days. I have a feeling ramp druid will be the answer in the end. 

And the last we have the Four Horsemen. I feel that ban on Equality is a bit too much. I understand the ban on Doomsayer, as that is a neutral card. Last week it was Alexstrasza, and she was a legendary you could not use against Loatheb on Heroic. I thought that was fair. After all, She is a legendary, and a neutral card. All classes can play her, and no class gets to play her against Heroic Loatheb. The same principle applies to Doomsayer. He is a neutral card, all classes can use him in their decks. On other hand Equality is a Paladin specific card. And this, while it might not be intentional, puts those playing Paladin decks at significant disadvantage against others. I hope they fix this, as it seriously goes against their philosophy of creating and forming new decks to bring down heroic bosses.

Why even bother, when you cannot play your deck because one of the essential cards of Paladin decks these days is forbidden. This is not promoting the idea that you should build various decks to counter different bosses. This is promoting the idea that you should build a specific deck with a specific cards, and play it in a specific way. And that is something I do not want in my card game. Tactics and strategies for raids are something I am fine with in World of Warcraft, but I would like to avoid this approach in Hearthstone. It is one sure way of how to make a card game boring.

Also, what are the odds we could get the other three Horsemen as legendary cards in the future?

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